Starlight Waking Dream-Robbie Gee and the passenger

V 1
It’s 2AM I’m not sleeping well
These last few week’s have been hell
I’m thinking of you

The dope’s wearing off As the starlight’s peaked
still are the horses that ran in my dreams
And I’m thinking of you
Pink pills dissolve different ways
Like dreams dissipate to  memories
As the thoughts become epithets

The birds waking 4am chirp
As the percs wear slowly away
And I am still thinking of you

many roads we wounder
misguided by the past
as we’re lost from time at last

sing me a song for the good times
sing me a song as I come down
in your bed


Robbie Gee and The Passenger-Lover’s Alibi “studio” -video

video for the “studio” track of Lover’s Alibi, with some artwork and such. I’m starting to promote myself more really want to say thank you to all of you and all those that keep coming back. I’m always delighted to see the returning names of fellow writers and bloggers.

this year has been crazy I’ve written so much, I’ve loved and lost, my addictions reached an apex and I some how found my way back, I’ve reached a physical fitness of contentment I ran half marathon on thanksgiving, I have little fear of not seeing tomorrow but when I do I am gracious for it, I have no fear to be myself the poet guitar playing bodybuilder, jack of all trades, stoner, early morning runner, quiet yet eternal lover, and perhaps one to redefine the words mentally ill and mental illness into mentally healing

Of A Sunrise-Robbie Gee and the Passenger-video

V1-we grew up poor never knowing anyone like us

never knowing of the pain that would bind us

lost in a world never looked behind us

shattered at the seems of our endless dreams

PC- you we’re a sunrise deep within my soul

every moment of pain was the absence of you’re embrace

C-I can’t live If the sun is always rising

and I can’t give if I’m always dying

V2-we meet in a time so causally

both in a place we didn’t want to be

walking down a road we’ve walked before

save myself from pain I walked away

Lover’s Alibi-video

The moon was out the stars were lit
the wind was right

she held me in the cooling
of an august night

I loved her she loved me
there was nothing more to be

I can’t explain
why there’s stars in your eyes

I cannot hide
a true lover’s alibi
she was young and beautiful
as the skyline of distant light

these things were new to us
like a song first being heard

we were scared of the morn
and the night succumbing to soon
as the meadow of which we hid
bodies and our minds entwined

I loved her and she loved me
there was nothing more to be

the moon was our alibi
and the wind told no lies