Angels’ Tears On Androdian Feilds- Beats EP

Angels’ Tears On Androdian Feilds- Beats EP

I’ve been working on beats hip hop EDM kind of thing, with concept and progressive style to it, anyhow not the typical poetry or guitar melodic song witing, but some deep low end cool stereo effects and some samples from Biden Bush Elon and more.

anyhow, peace out.


man of peace (at war), new song

no ribbon around an oak tree
no candle in the window
no weeping virgin by
the sea wasting her prayers for me

man of peace at war

no homecoming
no victory parade
just an unfinished pine box
in an unmarked grave…

I’ll be the reason you lock your door
I’ll be the reason you cry for more
I’ll be the reason you believe
in Karma and fate and hate…

world burn/new song+lyrics

there’s no more war
then there’s ever been
there’s just more of us

we’re not going to hell
in a daisy woven basket
we’re bringing her to us

got a front row seat
cable web tv
letting it burn is the only remedy

we can live our lives
by the pyres light
love is the only shield from the flame

won’t you come over…
sit and watch the world burn

all things burnt
never burn again
must we keep this flame from dying

hold me in your arms
and I’ll quite trying
and all hell’ choir sings a melody

Blue Dream, New Song/Demo

Smokey rays of morning light
thru my dirty window
rest ever softly on my sheets
of whence you laid

I feel her touch on woken dreams
in my hour of need
keeping me till the morning light
and I can see through my empty dreams

blue Dream in the morning
Its gonna be a heavy afternoon

don’t it make you feel like crying
when you realize every day’s the same

don’t it make you feel like trying
when a good friend mentions her name

swear death walks beside here
takes refuge in her room
she can just about anything she wants
but she never learned how to choose

now there’s camel ash on my blue jeans
and a dark stain on my t-shirt
it’s a long road till tomorrow
when yesterday haven’t made much worth