Lover’s Alibi-video

The moon was out the stars were lit
the wind was right

she held me in the cooling
of an august night

I loved her she loved me
there was nothing more to be

I can’t explain
why there’s stars in your eyes

I cannot hide
a true lover’s alibi
she was young and beautiful
as the skyline of distant light

these things were new to us
like a song first being heard

we were scared of the morn
and the night succumbing to soon
as the meadow of which we hid
bodies and our minds entwined

I loved her and she loved me
there was nothing more to be

the moon was our alibi
and the wind told no lies

dreams where I lay, mother’s tears

your a rain upon my field of stone
growing the flowers I’ve never known

you’re a melody snared in my soul
a tune not heard since my child grew old

lay me down in your dreams
and tell me you love me
that will make the morning
worth the burdens of yesterday

you ever see an old and tired man
looking like Jesus who missed his cross

you ever see the morning so bright
through the dried tears of your eyes

lay me down in fields of wonder
deep with in our childhood gay

hold me gently and so tenderly
so… I won’t fade away


mother your tears, are like rain
upon the field of your dreams
mama your smile, are like sun
rays upon your darkest days
mama I don’t wear crosses anymore
dreams are like, bright sunlight
in the depth of darkest night
mama my dear, lay your weary head
on your prayers deep in heart
ohh my lord, ohh my God
how long, how long
this world takes, all that it owns
but nothing can take the brightest song
so mother my love, hold on to yours
and it will live forever more

chords and coins

not enough words to say goodbye
not enough kisses to end the night
never knew of the pain I cried
never knew the man that was inside

to little of spring in the fall
too few wishes at last call
whispers in the wind I miss you
drunken starlight reminds me of you

never enough chords for my love song
never enough bud in the jar
not enough dope to see me through
never enough time to be with you

wishing well coins for the ferryman
strange phone calls how’ve you been
never saw the light through the stars
never say goodbye from your heart

cold linoleum on my feet
depth of love, winter without heat
never now how I feel inside
never knew why I run and hide

coming down losing you; song/lyrics



saw a fungi on the side of the road
picked it up and went on home
found some pills along my way
I just sorta faded away

as the frost tipped evergreens
Cascadian morning mist rises
as it’s dew settles upon the new day
as I woke without you near me

coming down and losing you
are the hardest things I’ll ever do
you’re lover you’re my friend
like the mist of mourning it will end

morning comes from darkness wake
as my dreams begin to fade
hope stumbling upon a clay path
that may turn to gold one day

bong sits by your bedside table
in the morning hue of light
the siting tainted water seems
as a golden pool of the woken dreams

reprise/key change
step away from my glass menagerie
go away from the memories that we made
go away the things that you say
go away the day that you came