chronictize song



stay tuned for a hip-hop remix
I used a lynx program for the drums, quite proud of this one,  thank you

when you walk into the room

the smell of your perfume

the way your body moves

like a ghost through a smoke filled room

I’m chronictize

with your red dress on

hair flowing down the slit

your eyes gaze yonder

to a man and a dream I’ll never be

I’m chronictize

the taste of your lips

the feeling of your hips

as we make love

in the dirty of my mind I realize

I’m chronictize

Passenger In me, New Recording

new recording with my standard Lucero Nylon String Guitar, better levels and such, I hope you enjoy, Thank you

I love the way you smile
when waking from your dreams
I loved the smell of your auburn
hair upon my sheets when you leave

and as I lay in solace of night
lone in the moonlight
I remember dancing with you
in the same moonlight

and If I ever was cross
if I ever was mean
I hope you know it was
just passenger in me

never was a time I felt
everything and nothing at all
never knew I was blind
until you held me til the morning light

after all this time
I see you stand there
the ebb tide of my emotions
come crashing like a tempest to the shore


and he rides
forever by my side
and he rides
protector of my mind