Passenger in Me- Live Video-YouTube

I love the way you smile
when waking from your dreams
I loved the smell of your auburn
hair upon my sheets when you leave

and as I lay in solace of night
lone in the moonlight
I remember dancing with you
in the same moonlight

and If I ever was cross
if I ever was mean
I hope you know it was
just passenger in me

never was a time I felt
everything and nothing at all
never knew I was blind
until you held me til the morning light

after all this time
I see you stand there
the ebb tide of my emotions
come crashing like a tempest to the shore


and he rides
forever by my side
and he rides
protector of my mind


Robbie Gee and The Passenger-Lover’s Alibi “studio” -video

video for the “studio” track of Lover’s Alibi, with some artwork and such. I’m starting to promote myself more really want to say thank you to all of you and all those that keep coming back. I’m always delighted to see the returning names of fellow writers and bloggers.

this year has been crazy I’ve written so much, I’ve loved and lost, my addictions reached an apex and I some how found my way back, I’ve reached a physical fitness of contentment I ran half marathon on thanksgiving, I have little fear of not seeing tomorrow but when I do I am gracious for it, I have no fear to be myself the poet guitar playing bodybuilder, jack of all trades, stoner, early morning runner, quiet yet eternal lover, and perhaps one to redefine the words mentally ill and mental illness into mentally healing

Lover’s Alibi-video

The moon was out the stars were lit
the wind was right

she held me in the cooling
of an august night

I loved her she loved me
there was nothing more to be

I can’t explain
why there’s stars in your eyes

I cannot hide
a true lover’s alibi
she was young and beautiful
as the skyline of distant light

these things were new to us
like a song first being heard

we were scared of the morn
and the night succumbing to soon
as the meadow of which we hid
bodies and our minds entwined

I loved her and she loved me
there was nothing more to be

the moon was our alibi
and the wind told no lies

morning comes softly

much as an empty penthouse
or a squalor full of dreams
like your phantom touch
waking from your lonely sleep
as red tail lights fade into the night
the stream of distant traffic
flowing down the American seams
as the trains no longer abide
opium moon light breaching
through the night, resting peacefully
upon white sheets where you laid
coming through the blinds, tears are made
lay me down where your silence rests
hold me still, my restless being
be not the fears of tomorrow
that lead me unto another lonely day
light breaks upon unto and through
off white blinds into a scattered room
through bloodshot eyes in the darken
respite for the harrowing mind
a touch, but an anchor; your gaze,
a lighthouse upon grave cliffs
reaching out resting on dark waters
as her spirit no longer moves upon them

moment with

the phantom touch
of an invisible hug
felt miles away
from the distant
and tragic eponymous love
As I wake in the stern
moonlight piercing through
the unfastened blinds
bright upon the sky
a haunt of memory evoking the night
like a dope sick dream
and beads of sweat
upon the brow a want like no other
for your lips I ache
through a restless night when I awake
for the moon has the sea
and it is unto thee
autumn has the spring
as the dying leaves
return unto the tree’s
the sea basks on the shore
and the weighted sand
stays until the ebb tide
turns back upon it’s bank
for what is nature if not rebirth
as the starlight neither
wanes nor repose
for they are there in the night
as in the light, waiting
to be through the darkened sight
hallow and saintly
to give thus not to receive
for what is time
if there not be love
holding it’s strands upon the mind
it is neither my body that wanders
nor my mind that wonders
it is my soul that reaches
from dreams that spoken
of hope that the moment with you will be forever

for what it is

There is no love in the heart
that is a singular or a part
it is a whole
it is the blood as is the air
that moves in the wind
ever so slight or in a hurricane
it is the water that moves
in the stream and from the sky
unto your lips and gives life
the light upon your eyes
that illuminates the sightless
as a full moon upon your darkest night