wrong to hold you, new song, lyrics

grayish hue evening light
turns my walls from off white
evening breeze blows in
and I’m here alone again

starlight grows brighter then
dims away
and I just want you here with me
is it so wrong to want to hold you
is it wrong to know I care
if god made the evening
I don’t think he intended
(for it) to be alone
is it so wrong to want you
in my arms

raindrops like saucers
in puddles on dreamless streets
tear drops on my linens
stain my sheets with memories


starlight waking dream 2019 version

V 1
It’s 2AM I’m not sleeping well
These last few week’s have been hell
I’m thinking of you

The dope’s wearing off As the starlight’s peaked
still are the horses that ran in my dreams
And I’m thinking of you
Pink pills dissolve different ways
Like dreams dissipate to memories
As the thoughts become epithets

The birds waking 4am chirp
As the percs wear slowly away
And I am still thinking of you

many roads we wounder
misguided by the past
as we’re lost from time at last

sing me a song for the good times
sing me a song as I come down
in your bed

world burn/new song+lyrics

there’s no more war
then there’s ever been
there’s just more of us

we’re not going to hell
in a daisy woven basket
we’re bringing her to us

got a front row seat
cable web tv
letting it burn is the only remedy

we can live our lives
by the pyres light
love is the only shield from the flame

won’t you come over…
sit and watch the world burn

all things burnt
never burn again
must we keep this flame from dying

hold me in your arms
and I’ll quite trying
and all hell’ choir sings a melody


this life will take you
from sandy beaches to storming sea
your friends will desert you
your enemies succeed you

when those crashing waves
try your wooden ship
see my light

I’ll be your lighthouse
your port of refuge(mission of respite)
from the stormy sea(cold dark night)

you’ve been risen from the barren
given figs and furs of majesty
your privilege comes to burden
as the fire dies on alters of ruin

wild and free

they’ll go running… thru the forest
… thru the trees
… thru the yard
wild and free as you’ll let them be

they’ll go swimming… in the ocean
… in the mountain stream
… thru their years
wild and free as you let them be

wild and free baby hazel boy
and sister golden hair
oh my childs how I envy thee

they’ll go growing… like the brambles
… into beautiful flowers
… until their old
wild and free as there dreams may be

they’ll go dreaming… thru the day
… thru the night
… until there old
wild and free as there heart may be

and they’ll go running thru the yard
they’ll go running into your heart
they’ll go running in your dreams
wild and free as we all should be

wrote this for my nieces and nephews, of which I have many

as I fade to be

it is but my heart that wishes unto a Dream
as of moonlight cast upon the bay,
silver upon dawn’s light
pollen sat upon the stream,
my life is changing as sandstone
in the river’s rapids
as I fade to be,
and it is upon a hearts creed
to dream, to see past this world
and wish for something
that may never be,
through the tightly knitted seams
and into the greater means
of this life’s mortal tapestry