a stream unto reflect

If I was a trickle
trickle in a stream
as though a memory
once caught in a dream
would you wander unto
the banks of solace reflection
and quench to remember
our time as thee

a once esoteric dream

I’m lost on the corner of new and old,
suicide road and it’s ghost haunt my memory
yet the haunting upon my halls are vacant
in personification
I feel abreast of woe upon me as I sew
deep in my poetic tapestry.
I’m lost upon a path forge by words
unto a fork I mistaken for justifiable worth
deep in connection are your thoughts
once copacetic with mine.
deep in the thrust of white water
heart beating rapids symbiotic upon one;
in mind my heart my soul self battered
till insanity broke, lost and hurt broken into
and scattered upon reason, scattered upon few.
askew perhaps by rum soaked cigarillos
and chronic fog upon evenings lust
I’ve touched and loved since you’ve been gone
yet the solace of it all when you were merely
a surrendered soul in conversation and trust

sunrise of a shadow

shadow upon the sunrise
as meadow’s dew drowns
the fields and the hue of life
becomes of question
then slowly the slipping
dawn reverts its respite
it promised and gives
no peace, and freedom
is taken upon the lids
of babes opening;
unto life and a new day
peace is within, thy soul
is my axis my fortitude of being
my body can be taken
and if given it may taint my soul
as a river flow, so does
thy soul