like peace

like to speak words of peace
which have no value
to trade for gain
words of love are bartered
prayers unto a queen bed alter
peace is within like light
yet strengthen your resolve
and it will not shine
humble yourself unto
no greater then I than you
clouds fade upon your soul
soft hues rest upon your eyes
content becomes the means
there is nowhere to go
for we are here
I have my soul, I pray
I have the debt of sunrises
and breathe upon infant lips
to ever must I pay
just for the privileged of an awaken day
my peace like love lies beside my soul
stilled once rushing winds
silenced on peaks
it repose beside me
like a familiar ghost on barren sheets


Heading down I5 to see my baby
Two short days without dope
Hopefully it will be two short years
And if you’re still here
Didn’t bring any weed to keep me
Cause my baby’s arms are all I need
Two short years I hope th’ll be here
and if you’re still, I swear
Wrote my album of love and submission,
tattered between On a razors edge,
and slowly I found the reason,
just to please
As soft LED light glows, upon your
Body like moonlight upon silk that is your soul,
and I only want to press upon
the gleaming glow of your soft cue skin

Be a love

Be a love


be someone to remember

whether a room apart

or the resting of the heart


let your touch be an I love you

and your words true upon intent

as every moment is all there is


as gentle kisses of remembrance

of a slowly fading yesterday

gives way to the either of tomorrow


dreams are never complete

without a love beside curbing

the emptiness of your bed side

poem pretence

The veil of yellow light that is secreted from the sun light
The pearl glare of moonlight casting down from the night sky
The softness of floral pedals the freshness of awaited rain
The sound of silence in the trees while the birds sing with glee
The symphony of the tide and as the drum so crashes the waves
And all of wonder proclaim and man bows unto her beauty
And nature forgive thy sins and love begins again

movement of the tide

Mountains fade and the seas reside to time once whence was
A shatter of clusters already there my heart feels no change
Quaking may erupt and all that was, was ever a dream
For the mended splinters do not make the whole that was nil
For what could life seem in the mind helps the reflection in my eyes
A tipper and a tap, a gentleman and a sorrow
For how can I ever see pass that which shadows me
Upon a cry a newborn gives unto the breath behind death
I have not cursed thy life nor whimpered long from defeat
But I can never cease to smell the sweetness of solidarity
yet feel the empty presence planed upon my side
in the future where my hope no longer abides,
you may quester what man whimpers such a mournful woe
and I say a man who has felt what is to come and what is to go
time is no longer so; it has always been a reflection of movement
much as movement and not time gauges our life
I feel it is for I to see the changing of my tides, and where they will soon reside

autumn dear

The leaves fall from the elm and fir trees
Fall upon the green earth to become new loam
The songs of autumn are a serenade to the chilling wind
Why my dear do you fear the season change

The doe will continue to wonder the owl will still who
The fall shall bring a winter I know but it must be so
For my dearest do not fear that which always comes
For it is a motion of the wheat that grows thus unto the mill

For natures harvest is the autumn and for it to feed it must be so
Whatever dim skies and raining days and nights you shall see
I promise that that you will always have:
The sun to see, the air to breathe, and the moon to dream, my dear