movement of the tide

Mountains fade and the seas reside to time once whence was
A shatter of clusters already there my heart feels no change
Quaking may erupt and all that was, was ever a dream
For the mended splinters do not make the whole that was nil
For what could life seem in the mind helps the reflection in my eyes
A tipper and a tap, a gentleman and a sorrow
For how can I ever see pass that which shadows me
Upon a cry a newborn gives unto the breath behind death
I have not cursed thy life nor whimpered long from defeat
But I can never cease to smell the sweetness of solidarity
yet feel the empty presence planed upon my side
in the future where my hope no longer abides,
you may quester what man whimpers such a mournful woe
and I say a man who has felt what is to come and what is to go
time is no longer so; it has always been a reflection of movement
much as movement and not time gauges our life
I feel it is for I to see the changing of my tides, and where they will soon reside


for a moment

For it is not much that my eyes have seen
That has not been the pain of loneliness
Yet what man that climbs the mountain first
And swims and channel before his foes
Has not encounter a feat of pain for his trials
For if I was to know of the pain to lay ahead fourteen years ago
I cannot say I would have live to ever see another day
Yet such beauty that I have seen has steady my hand
I wonder if I have made a change I the lives of those
For if i knew of the things I would come to do and the beauty in you
Then my slaying hand would of rest and endure the coming pain
Just to know of the one whom I have become
And that which has became the life of me
One may say suicide is not which something you should speak
Yet I speak of it as a cancer I have slain
For what is that of the heart that destroys a man
But heals it is to humble one’s self like the eye of the proverbial needle
hence I live to survive, and I survive to live
death is but the toll and my actions are the fare
forever I live but only for a moment I shall die

dawn set free

Mental illness could take all I ever have
But it shall not steal my humanity
Or my back that cripples with each passing year
But it does not cripple my spirit
For I am quested in honor
Slated in a thought that I am not God
But I am to serve and only to love
For evil may tempt thy palate of taste
but it is that which I fast and never to partake
bless thy soul and humble my spirit
for the I go I shall go in whole
and that which is to come is but the border of the horizon sea
and that which is where the dawn truly is set free

upon my mind

Sweet as the winter wine upon thy lips
Soft as a blossom upon my finger tips
Sensual desire of soon to be enhanced
Penetrating thoughts of love and loss
More though the manifestation of lust
What to be upon thy mind
Is not what to become upon thy sheets
For what greater gift does one man have
Than to give unto his bride his celibate life
To speak upon actions of hope
To say I knew thee would come for me
And thus I waited to be
To only see what was crafted for me


a black dawn upon the setting sun
for how could ever think of what was
to feed the past such definite emotions
is but to put a noose on the future’s nubile skin

for what is is the piece upon the craftsman’s workbench
what was is but done, once a tree has been milled
no longer has it been a tree only what it is
what we become is matter of tools we may or may not have

once one learns the craft of man he can truly become
for where shall I sit once I am fitted the final joint
and upon me sits lacquer and oil
I could only hope it is within the craftsman’s home

ode to beauty

For that which occupies my mind is the thought of beauty
For how could I ever see a clear night sky
and not be a gazed upon it’s sight
for if I was to be bounded to gaze upon autumn hills forever and a day
than I would ever to be blessed with the sight of it’s grace

there are those at times that look like beauty
that shall fade as the flower unto the chilling days
but then there are those that are of beauty
such a beauty as that resembles the moon dancing upon the bay
forever that is the moon is the beauty is see within you

reflections of my life

when that which I do not desire is denied from my sight
that which I speak is that of my life
for what man upon the day he crest deserves that which is given
for I feel that in life we must earn that which we rent
thus I right to simply say I am ever glad you blessed days
and unto my nights for they are privileged by that which you gave
And now I am simply who I am so that of is which I scribe
Your wisdom and tenacity has endowed unto my mind
And your beauty and love are the reflections of my life