be it from the dawn

as the night succumbs
the morning light breach
star faring paths of dreams
what white hats have faded
to black from the dust of
destitute dreams hindered
upon woke
not a moment passes
in hue of the shade
of light you bestowed
of hope
forevermore and nevermore
are the moment fading
as morning mist, cooling of the dawn:
be it genesis

Cascadian bum

Cascadian bum
in the early morn
slight of light
the northwest mist
as I run through trails
lined of evergreens
and brambles
the smell of colitas
upon my stache
wearing a zen grin
as the musk of the dew
lays way unto
the minor rise of heat
the sunrise subdued
by a Dickensian Monet
overcast, as the bay
pants upon the shore,
I slow upon a realization
I’m but a Cascadian bum
…pleased to be nothing more

a path of stones

I walk a path of chosen
unto a fork unto another
a narrow path either made
by blunt of a boarded cross
or another worldly projection of being,
the road less traveled by notable means
around a bend I cannot see
miles, corners and mills alike
we live our lives walking a path
picking stones, sometimes we pick up
gems, other times we pick up weight

A Day Out Of Respite

been recording some of my first written songs from a few years past, they might be dark and sad; but the fact I’m still here to sing them makes them otherwise,

Dimmed light from the other room
while outside the dawn breaks
I’m stoned again and it’s 6AM
a day out of respite and a day past caring

I don’t know why I do the things I do
living wasn’t something I was meant to do

oh momma oh lord
I believe these meds are killing me

a day in the ER and four in respite
where you sit around with the junkies
talking of treatment centers and jails
wishing you were with the bottle or the spoon
(or someone you thought you knew)

Darkness/ song, lyrics

when I started running I wrote this describing the mornings on my early runs, and the desire of someone who did not reciprocate, it was a hard and lonely time…

Morning light cast through the window shade
wishing you were beside me to greet the new day

I just want to love you I just want you here with me
I just want to hold you and till the darkness go away

morning dew from a restless night rest upon pedals of new
as the orange sunrise in the east and a fleeting fuchsia in the west

blueish gray clouds and a steel blue sky
wait stoically for dawn to arrive

and I sit here with cheap coffee flavored with regret
smoking the last of my kush and cigarettes

I wish I could tell you what was wrong
I wish I could say more then this song

and when the morning light breaks
I wish my lonely heart didn’t do the same