change: governor of causality

they say many things
will change your life
but your life is in and of life itself
and change is the one constant
so how can you change
that which is change:
much like the wind
it may be slight and calm;
cooling in summer heat,
it may be seemingly still
presenting the moment
in clarity of the hue,
yet it may be rushing
and cold, ever evident
of it’s being and nature;
change will always be
masked by minor relevance
carried by a greater causality
governed by that which
we try to find or that
of whom we deny

by one’s will, one will be

the objectivity is not just to be clean, but to find and face thyself without the cloak dark, mirage of smoke or the hiding of the depth of potent potables, for it ourselves that as well must find us and to be hidden from: that which is will be an illusion that which is to be will be illusive and that which was will all there will ever be.
by one’s will, one will be