dreams where I lay, mother’s tears

your a rain upon my field of stone
growing the flowers I’ve never known

you’re a melody snared in my soul
a tune not heard since my child grew old

lay me down in your dreams
and tell me you love me
that will make the morning
worth the burdens of yesterday

you ever see an old and tired man
looking like Jesus who missed his cross

you ever see the morning so bright
through the dried tears of your eyes

lay me down in fields of wonder
deep with in our childhood gay

hold me gently and so tenderly
so… I won’t fade away


mother your tears, are like rain
upon the field of your dreams
mama your smile, are like sun
rays upon your darkest days
mama I don’t wear crosses anymore
dreams are like, bright sunlight
in the depth of darkest night
mama my dear, lay your weary head
on your prayers deep in heart
ohh my lord, ohh my God
how long, how long
this world takes, all that it owns
but nothing can take the brightest song
so mother my love, hold on to yours
and it will live forever more

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