Loves The Lord

a woman so pure and confidential
she’ll taint your evil soul
she’ll bring down to earth
by day and lift you at night to heaven’s door

she talks about God as a father
and Jesus as her groom

she’s a walking contradiction to your life
and what you feel you deserve
she’s your warm breath in the morning
and safe passage through this world

she talks about love in the good times
in the bad everything you’ve done wrong

and she love’s…. the lord
and she Love’s his creation
and she Love’s…. mother nature
does she still love… me


chords and coins

not enough words to say goodbye
not enough kisses to end the night
never knew of the pain I cried
never knew the man that was inside

to little of spring in the fall
too few wishes at last call
whispers in the wind I miss you
drunken starlight reminds me of you

never enough chords for my love song
never enough bud in the jar
not enough dope to see me through
never enough time to be with you

wishing well coins for the ferryman
strange phone calls how’ve you been
never saw the light through the stars
never say goodbye from your heart

cold linoleum on my feet
depth of love, winter without heat
never now how I feel inside
never knew why I run and hide

like peace

like to speak words of peace
which have no value
to trade for gain
words of love are bartered
prayers unto a queen bed alter
peace is within like light
yet strengthen your resolve
and it will not shine
humble yourself unto
no greater then I than you
clouds fade upon your soul
soft hues rest upon your eyes
content becomes the means
there is nowhere to go
for we are here
I have my soul, I pray
I have the debt of sunrises
and breathe upon infant lips
to ever must I pay
just for the privileged of an awaken day
my peace like love lies beside my soul
stilled once rushing winds
silenced on peaks
it repose beside me
like a familiar ghost on barren sheets