spring the well

a tree in solitude
and arid planes
by the dry waters
it rests, pleading
roots with no nourishment
loam with no binding
why it stands weeping
in lament, bleeding
fear of drought
profession of doubt
condemn to venerate
as it fell, so spring the well

thy soul becomes upon awareness

Why do we try to become someone
when we yet to learn who we have become
the awareness upon the soul
and thy soul’s awareness upon us
to know ourselves and hide not
under professions of identity
to see a day from distractions
thou faith and love twas an action
to know the selfish desires and ways
and the fear that would stop our hearts
if it was to pierce through the veil of darkness
in the depth of clear winter’s sight
the solace in fall of it’s waning crisp days
as the leaves descend along subtle roaring pastoral fields
the birth and rise of Easter upon Handel’s keys
and summer so synonyms with that of dreams
I shall end by saying so selflessly vain
in pretension of my young man ways
be aware of thyself so honestly true
be aware of others gracefully for their God is not you

morning comes softly

much as an empty penthouse
or a squalor full of dreams
like your phantom touch
waking from your lonely sleep
as red tail lights fade into the night
the stream of distant traffic
flowing down the American seams
as the trains no longer abide
opium moon light breaching
through the night, resting peacefully
upon white sheets where you laid
coming through the blinds, tears are made
lay me down where your silence rests
hold me still, my restless being
be not the fears of tomorrow
that lead me unto another lonely day
light breaks upon unto and through
off white blinds into a scattered room
through bloodshot eyes in the darken
respite for the harrowing mind
a touch, but an anchor; your gaze,
a lighthouse upon grave cliffs
reaching out resting on dark waters
as her spirit no longer moves upon them

Momma’s tears, song/lyrics

mother your tears, are like rain
upon the field of your dreams

mama your smile, are like sun
rays upon your dark night

mama I don’t wear crosses anymore

mama my dear, lay your weary head
on your prayers deep in heart

dreams are like, bright sunlight
in the depth of darkest night

ohh my lord, ohh my God
how long, how long

this world takes, what it owns
but nothing can take the brightest song

so mother my love, hold on to yours
and your heart will live forever more

coming down losing you; song/lyrics



saw a fungi on the side of the road
picked it up and went on home
found some pills along my way
I just sorta faded away

as the frost tipped evergreens
Cascadian morning mist rises
as it’s dew settles upon the new day
as I woke without you near me

coming down and losing you
are the hardest things I’ll ever do
you’re lover you’re my friend
like the mist of mourning it will end

morning comes from darkness wake
as my dreams begin to fade
hope stumbling upon a clay path
that may turn to gold one day

bong sits by your bedside table
in the morning hue of light
the siting tainted water seems
as a golden pool of the woken dreams

reprise/key change
step away from my glass menagerie
go away from the memories that we made
go away the things that you say
go away the day that you came

through the sight unto her soul

to rest reposed in deep respite
aside the remote waters lying still
collected in a pond of your dreams
hidden past your body, smile and tears
safeguarded within the forest of the mind
as a maze one must journey to find
past the manicured shrubs trimmed and pruned
unto the barren trees of memories
and the ones blooming brought from their humus of wilt
through the brambles and darkened shade
unto a quiet place of a thick haze of sightless
one that only an act faith can succumb to see
wherein lies the pastoral of her mind
the truth of her being, no longer a reflection,
but the sight and ethereal manifestation of her soul
the fields of wonder hindered not by pain
where once the child reside and love unblemished
by the opening eye