before those words
that I questioned in
my foolish yesteryear
there is a silence enveloped
in time, as though a silence
and peace standing upon an abyss
in a silent misty blue morning
in the meta-poetic words of my
thought imagery, the words I love you,

falling to feeling

We dance on the dock
as the moonlight dance
upon the wake
shining silver tide
upon the darkened waves
as it waltz upon the bay
and I feel so in love with you
walking in the afternoon light
as reflections of former loves
no longer kin to my sight
the stars bequest our eyes
as the moon rests upon the valley
and your body next to mine
and I feel so in love with you

Be The Good, new demo

when life has cast it’s shadow
and all your sandy beaches
have turned to clay

when your dearest has abandoned
and all you closest friends
have betrayed

I’ll be a reason not to let go
and show you what love is…
Oh I’ll be the good that you need

when time slows down
on the field of heartache
and your wounds won’t mend

when it seems all hope is lost
and you just can’t find
a friend

I’ll be a reason not to let go
and show you what love is…
Oh I’ll be the good that you need

an if my words ever become truth
loved by many
other that few

I just hope you know they
speak honestly,
so honestly of you

Oh I’ll be the good that you need

dreams on cardboard sheets

why do I push you away
when my tears dust in memories
and the numbing agents don’t work
And sunlight reposed in the dawn
sun no longer shines in my eyes
and the air doesn’t reach my lungs
my lips numb pressed by yours
and tears become dust
it’s a dawnless morning
that reminds me of the road
that I’ve been walking on
that seems to go downtown
magnolia child and old work clothes
cardboard employment on the road
get your singles and change
to help rid the pain
the nights of us together
will lighten my dreams
as one day I slumber on cardboard sheets
under the staircase in my morphia dreams
I’ll lose what teeth I have
and beg for forgotten change
the cup that overflowed with hope
now a vessel for the beggar’s fame

sorrow lade eyes

you’re bong sits by your bed
in the morning hue of light
the sitting tainted water seems
as a golden pool of the woken dreams
and you don’t know why the pain grows
like an empty well pleading for potent potables
and deep inside you question why you fear
the end of a road that seems to go on forever
the SS lettermans turn to brass stars
as the professors of faith into 401k
rulers of a state of pantomimes
and the end that grows near seems to always pass by
yet is there a proclamation there will be no sunrise
when you wake, even through the cloudy November sky
the sunrise is still upon the horizon, like hope
behind the sadness of sorrow lade eyes


Heading down I5 to see my baby
Two short days without dope
Hopefully it will be two short years
And if you’re still here
Didn’t bring any weed to keep me
Cause my baby’s arms are all I need
Two short years I hope th’ll be here
and if you’re still, I swear
Wrote my album of love and submission,
tattered between On a razors edge,
and slowly I found the reason,
just to please
As soft LED light glows, upon your
Body like moonlight upon silk that is your soul,
and I only want to press upon
the gleaming glow of your soft cue skin

An Eye Of A Paradise

An Eye Of A Paradise


not sure what paradise

you saw beyond

this stormy sea

but all there is

is a isle of tragedy


eye of the storm

like the calm in my eyes

restless water lay aside

a broken vessel

and a soul convicted to flow


not sure what promise land

you saw beyond

the barren sands

like a gift you receive

after giving all you had to me


as the tapestry of a starry sky

comes unwound and

lays upon the tide

and heaven bequest your eyes

my love and pain, ‘ cannot hide


not sure what heaven

you were searching for

when you bared your soul

and you held me within

the midnight’s breeze