a summery of the denial of identity and social adherence

People wonder why there is such animosity towards Jesus or Christians now days, but the words of Christ speak that when you place a a fine garment on an old one you do raise the value of the old garment but lower the value of the fine garment. This is why Spinoza denied a house coat by saying why put something so valuable on something so worthless. As to say it is not the body that is important but the soul, when we adorn ourselves in any identity, that has no value only to oneself and those who relate unto that identity, this gives us value, but value in and of itself is a material concept, a construct of man, fruit from the tree of knowledge, much like time. Value is established by a tiring system where there is a greater and lesser that is comparable unto perceived, when one holds themselves to be of value naturally they will lessen the value of others who are not apropos with it. There is no adherence that leads to heaven, there is no reward unto oneself for the beliefs or acts of humanity, much like the man says, if you gain in life in my name you will not enter the kingdom of heaven for you have your reward, but if you follow me and suffer you will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Material nature is fallible that is ultimately what defines the material nature, a flower of the field it has a purpose it has to grow and it has to perish, it has has no need to be; nor privilege, once it’s purpose is complete. Anything a man or the state can take from you is not yours, we are conditioned from a young age to be of value to ourselves and society, we go through schools and churches that privilege certain individuals and others not as much, we believe that our gain in life is the establishment of our good or some kind of worth, the only thing of value in this life is life itself, and all things of life are equal unto it. Belief will benefit the believer but conviction does not benefit the convicted. Socrates did not protest the state when they condemned him to state sanctioned suicide, because he knew that anything man or the state takes from you is not yours, and to protest it would be him denying his conviction the one thing man or anyone can not take.

These are not angry words, everyone sins I feel the same about and treat those in church or any belief system as humans the same way I do When I’m spending time with friends smoking weed or with people on the street who are “junkies” or when I was in respite or the psych wards. For me following Christ is finding that last bit of humanity, that human that has been reduced under the pretension of a worldly identity conditioned upon them. But I’ve also realized that to save a man from drowning one must risk drowning himself, a lifeguard does not stay on the beach, the farmer does not expect the seeds to sew themselves nor for them to grow unhindered, he does not know when the rain will fall, or if the crop will truly yield, he has faith.

Kind of like Diogenes walking the streets of day with a lantern looking for a human being, but honestly I find I’m looking for the one within myself.