Lover’s Alibi



I have rewrote this couple times, this is the original guitar with an added chorus, I hope you enjoy


The moon was out the stars were lit

the wind was right


she held me in the cooling

of an august night


I loved her she loved me

there was nothing more to be


I can’t explain

why there’s stars in your eyes

I cannot hide

a true lover’s alibi


she was young and beautiful

as the skyline of distant light


these things were new to us

like a song first being heard


we were scared of the morn

and the night succumbing to soon


as the meadow of which we hid

bodies and our minds entwined


I loved her and she loved me

there was nothing more to be


the moon was our alibi

and the wind told no lies

knows how to dream


new song, I hope you like


when the darkness comes

don’t be afraid

for the stars in your eyes

shine bright


when the storm of the ages

comes from the sea

let me shelter you spirit

and give my love to thee


and don’t be afraid of the light

when the darkness goes

it will test your weary spirit

yet strengthen your soul


don’t hide the pain deep inside

for it loves to hide

don’t tell nothing is wrong

when there is sorrow in your lies


no storm is ever endless

unlike your strength

no night ever takes the spirit

that knows how to dream