Be The Good

a friend once told me she needed good in her life, after she said this coming home from a run I wrote this song

When life has cast a shadow

And your sandy beaches

Have All turn to clay

When your dearest has abandoned

And the closet to a friend

Has all but betrayed

I’ll be a reason to not let go

And to show you what love is

I’ll be the good that you need

When time slows down

Upon the fields of heartache

And your wounds won’t mend

when it seems all hope is lost

and your brightest stars no longer shine

I’ll be a reason to not let go

And to show you what love is

I will be the good that you need

And if my words ever become truth

And loved by many than few

They should know they speak honestly of you



I’ve posted this befor but I wanted to put in the poem/lyrics that inspired it


Morning light cast through the window shade

how I wish you were beside me to greet the new day


I just want to love you I just want you here with me

I just want to hold you and let the darkness go away


morning dew from a restless night rest upon pedals of new

as the orange sunrise in the east and a fleeting fuchsia in the west


blueish gray clouds and a steel blue sky wait stoically for dawn to arrive

and I sit here with cheap coffee flavored with regret

next carmeleta

new demo of the next Carmeleta, lyrics:

I can’t see the morning light

as I wake from my bead

my mother doesn’t know who I am anymore

just who I pretend to be


and I’m trying to write the next Carmelita

stoned as I was yesterday

I don’t know who I am anymore

just slowly fading away


walked five miles to buy some weed

and try to make a mense

but she don’t live in that apartment anymore

she only lives in my head


they know me to well at the corner store

go there three times a day

to buy my cigars and quarts of beer

to ease my aching head


I always say this will be the last

until the morning I wake up alone

which is every morning and I surrender

to the closest open door

Romance between A and D minor

this is a composing illustrating a romance between A pentatonic and D minor harmonic, they try to find a similarity ultimately leading to the A becoming A minor, my composings are best heard in headphones, they are stereophonic, and if you like it share it, thank you.

it is also a representation of a relationship I have with someone you have read about in my poetry and songs, she is truly an amazing person and a muse that would rival the classics.

scream with my guitar

I feel it necessary to say that this song is an expression of fear not desire, might be one of my better ones quite dark though,

sometimes I want to tie you down

so you never leave me or this town

sometimes I want to hold you down

until I know you’ll always be around


ain’t no time to hold me down

baby I love you till the distant star

but sometimes the night comes to soon

and all I can do is scream with my guitar


sometimes I feel so dark inside

grab the children run and hide

sometimes I just want to die

pack up my things and hitch that ride


the darkness to hide distills my mind

i’m not safe locked up inside

break down the walls free the soul

till the demons build a way back in

the night and the wind

I do wish I had a better singing voice, here are the lyrics:

The moon was out the stars were lit

the wind was right

she held me in the cooling

of am august night

I loved her she loved me

there was nothing more to be

the moon was our alibi

and the wind told no lies

she was young and beautiful

as the skyline of distant light

these things were new to us

like a song first being heard

we were scared of the morning

and the night succumbing to soon

as the meadow of which we hid

bodies and our minds entwined

I loved her and she loved me

there was nothing more to be

the moon was our alibi

and the wind told no lies