The darkened night and the light of day


In quiet reservation I reside

I hope to leave this world behind

for the pain of loneliness

and the envy of others who love

have laid to waist my inhibitions

and wont for life


I have cried like the storm

of a restless and discourteous night

I have tried in my way to free

but I have come to rest in submission

for life which begotten my spirit

and it was never whole to begin


as the hue of light from a summer sunrise

rest gently upon my weary eyes

and I cease to ever dream

for what illusions of my mind

to beget hope upon my soul

it is in those eyes of a beginning I feel whole


it is love that grounds my restless mind

like a current from my heart

a restless soul of its own

beats for the contempt of death

how could I be when it itself

can no longer inspire


to my love and muses alike

I dreamt of a day to embrace

not with my words but with my soul

herald the rising moon and its beams

as they rest upon the sea

how my spirit has rested upon thee


my dearest mother the inventor of my being

the comforter of my distress

I be quiff these words I full heartily mean

you are the reason I dream

the current in the stream that ushers sanctity

and my everlasting righteous means


who will write my words

when my soul no longer abides

when the curse of life’s making

takes my mind and ends my strife

what bearing will my words speak

when my love and life have passed me by