letters written in my time of fasting

not to long ago I wrote on here that I will be off the internet and that I had have will be fasting, it went well, I am in the Methow valley visiting family and having the internet I thought I would post some of my work in that time, This PDF is a collection of letters I wrote to the themes to four books of the Bible, First and Second Peter, First John and James. these are my perspective on it, I soon hope to post my Ethics or philosophy writings but need to go over them, please enjoy and if you like share, thank you


it’s about that

like the fire in the sky on an early morning rising

like the deathly chill of the winter slowly dying

I have felt the emotions of the child’s dream thriving

and tears running down my asphalt bridge

as the green grass gives way to summer’s unrelenting

like the ocean upside down giving way

so my heart existentially falls to the shadows

like a sinking boat still burning on land

I am lost in the light of darkness

and found in the eclipse of sobriety

as my soul gives way to the fruit of solitude

and the forbearance of the tried will

I would walk with you until the earth ends it reign

and succumbs to the sun’s undying plight

Dear pear

Dear pear

Has it always been your purpose to feed me, for how your taste is sweet and that of nature therefore my health shall be. If you were to garner a consciousness would we praise the same God, would we have similar thoughts? I am now self aware when I cut a wedge from your body, yet your taste becomes sweeter and I realize I am destroying something to preserve myself, and thus as I finish our bodies become one, I suppose better I than nature have its way.


How I long to please you

But you are a sweet spring

Gushing out of reach

To my heart dying of thirst,

How I long to touch you

As the early morning light

Break though the window

And rests upon our sides,

How I long to live as one

With your love undyingly

As the sun of life repose

Unending my love would ever be