Dear readers

dear readers

not to long ago I started fasting due to lack of money and control of my eating habits, and doing this once a week and eating only fruits during the other days with a hearty dinner I have gained a much clear view of life as well rid myself of the false need for to much food.

I will be getting rid of my internet at home only getting at hotspots to touch base with personal things. I am spending my new way reading and writing as well as fasting. I am going to write on the human condition, religion, philosophy, God and love. I won’t be posting much, I will continue to write poetry but I think my writing style has evolved.

thank you to all my readers especially those who commented and those who did so more than most. I hope my poetry and writing will be of importance one day and add some justification to the life I have had and the fact I have done my best to choose love and to be free.  thank you

-Rob, Two Eye Mind

fallen leaves

In my head I dream, I wonder

Like a child deprived,  I can

See the broken things as they lay

I can feel myself say without words

All the things I would if this was the day


Seemingly I sit upon woes and dreams

Mended that were never made whole

Upon an apex of metaphysical decent

Which when utter unto words makes

Little sense.


The fallen leaves ever so gracefully

Lands upon the lawn to become

Something new in the wake of its demise

Yet when love dies it’s pain not humus

That takes its place.

to Be, an opposition to depression

As the Cavernous hills sings as the

Late day wind blows through

Coming from on top of the mountains

After being exhaled by the god

That exists to that believer in

The time and space they may be in.

And as the wind comes rest upon the meadow

So wakes our protagonist.

Waking to the thoughts who am I

And falling asleep to the thoughts

Why do we even?

Lie there for a million years would be fine

In the warmth and tender of our discontent,

Yet cancerous it becomes as we cannot see

Blinded and held under a non-existent

Pool of our self-pity and the broken trust

Our hearts gave us.

Get out of bed, but why the beauty of the

World has faded, like a piece of art

That became diminished and looses

Its color and what is left is texture.

Out of bed, but disappear in the

Headphones, There is no other world than that

of music and soul, as the sinking

feeling slowly and effortlessly creeps in

easily how the day could dissipate

melt into a tie-dye plasma and

seep into grates of metaphysical

streets where the mind in contended

to understand all that passes,

and it hurts inside to move

like air leaving your legs making them

less than function-able, and you know

you’re going to die any moment

perhaps this or the next song,

this is logic now and rational to think

but you must rise and end the tyranny

of your pseudo discontent,

rise for the morning and the air in your lungs

rise for the moment and those to come

rise for yourself and simply be

be a remembrance of love and charity

be there today and come back tomorrow

be a friend and a platonic soul mate

whatever you do: rise and Be

A Moment To Be

be it love the intimacy of the moment

forever giving way to an instant

all the movement of your life

leading to this one act of the heart

whereas your soul finds piece

and your spirit finds means

it is in this place I wish to Be

forever in a moment that has yet to be

reality, idealism and truth

let me wax philosophical for but a moment. all this turmoil makes me realize that truth is of perception which is made in us by the formation of the stimulus that we encounter through our lives, we all have have a different perception, it is like my theory of reality being an image bouncing off a mirror (the image of God’s intellect) we all see that image differently and most of us are trying to find that original image. so what is truth, what is right?
it is that which one chooses or is led to and that which is accepted by the collective he or she identifies with, so the culture or state they are apart of.
we typically find truth by the exercising the uncertainty, however two different people can exercise the same uncertainty and came out with different conclusions. So perhaps our beliefs and our actions our of higher order and of a greater will and beyond our own understanding even though we have freewill, which leads to time being relative and that the future past and present is but one, but I won’t go into that.
however I believe that a philosopher must be against the state (yet respect it) and against the held beliefs of any people (yet respect them) and to learn from these things

and that’s why I don’t vote or give way to political sides or any idealism


I tied a knot today

It was a vessel

To take me far away

Away from the fears

Of an ill begotten yesteryear

And what fears my feet

May lead me to tomorrow


I tied a knot today

One I would have learned in scouts

The rope seemed courser

Than what I remember

An objection of“familiar-ality”

With the rest of reality

And all that I cannot abide


I untied a knot today;

An action of one’s defiance

Gravely affecting those they love

Ultimately causing no change

Blindly stepping into an abyss

To escape the darkness of the night

All the while the dawn is on the rise