Just Like A Thought

Shall I die longing,

Hoping, wanting

Searching for a way

Away from my decent


Starlight bathes in the sea

As the far mountains sing

And my soul is poised upon

A thought, a thought of delusion


And when she is standing

In the view of my mind’s eye

Melodies play as she slowly dissipates

As memories turn to regret


And I am left longing,

slowly dying from a thought,

as all my words of love simply speak:

I want you to want me


a dream without you

I had a dream where I walked

The dark county streets

There were no stars in the sky

And I was afraid.


I called you up in my dream

For in this state you were close by,

I forget in life what fear feels like

But in my dream I reached for you.


You were a special friend

Someone I could always talk too,

Even in this dream my mind had conjured

You did not want to be with me.


So I woke to the loneliness,

The alienation my mind has caused,

I woke to my battered spirit,

Worst of all I woke without you here.


waiting around

Some live their life

By the needle and the spoon

While others live by

A gun and a golden cross


Never seemed to be a difference

Just different ways

Of waiting around to get through


If you ask and I know you won’t

I live by an unsettle seat

Where if I keep moving

I’ll come to find who I once wanted to be

true love weighs

My love is neither a kiss

Nor a trinket I give

It is not all the things I have done

Or the things I will do;

My love is the final beat of my heart

Echoing your name,

It is the madness where desire is made,

The breath of the ocean

Coming to rest on the mountain peak,

It is what grants me hope

And turns me insane

An E-Street Poem

An unbridled wild boy

Living wild in the streets

The sound of the hemi

Was all he may ever need


The disappearing headlights

Into the darken back roads

Was like heroin in his veins


Prim and proper she always stood

A church going heroine just out of school

Yet for her he was freedom

And they rode through the night

Like falling stars across the Kansas sky