cursed lips

Your smile is as

Sincere waters

Washing away

years of pain


to be touch

by your hand

is as intoxicating

as I have ever been


how I wish to

bless such lips

with such a

cursed kiss


morning delight

Thoughts like candy

Hard cherry codeine

Good for what ails you

Open up drop inside

One becomes five

Deep inside heralds the ride

The morning afternoon

With lucid space drops

Coming from deep inside

The inner parlor’s window pain

As morning subsides,

Flying squirrel flew too fast

While the gay tambourine

Begun to mope,

Nighttime without

Daylight forgives

Running on the notion

I’ve known where I’ve been

falling too

The trees are hauntingly beautiful

As heirs of leaves fall upon the subdued city streets

They scatter upon the cryptic sidewalks

And bless the eaves and canopies

With their beauty of decay,

Like tai chi the seasons move effortlessly

Leaving me in awe and revival

from the fate of autumn’s fall

dire state

He sat there in the early hour

A blue hue of light emanating

from the other room,

the still of the darkness

crept up from the street

accompanied by the silence

of the sidewalks facing the curio shops

not too far away,

in hours such as this

thoughts seem to realize their dominion

and their free reign:

if I could cry I would lament the child

who became this man

and if could sing I would sing a song

for all those dire romantics

who knew what love was

but never knew what it is

a lover’s petition

My love:

An ocean could not divide

For it is to your heart

That which my soul abides,

Thunderous roar of my longing

The absence state of content,

I am enthralled by the sight

Of a lover’s penetrating eyes,

If only time would change

And give chance to a dreamer;

If I would give you flowers

I would give you the world