a walk

The early morning fog

And the muted light

Sits in the early hour

As cars and trucks drive

Down an old forgotten highway

Going to their jobs

Before the morning light breaks

And rest upon construction sites

Where fields and woods once laid

As you pass and near a grocer

You can smell the kitchen’s hot oil

And all along the roadside

Hemlock flowers are browning

Shadowing disregarded papers

All the while you walk to your job

Thinking the same old thoughts

on the line

I was hoping to tell you I was doing fine

I was hoping when I called it was you on the line

I hoped we talk about our days

I would lie and tell you I was clean

And I hoped you would come back to me

But when I made that call ringing was the only promise it made



your dreams do not fear being woken

neither should your soul be afraid of dying

and as my life comes to be

and all the certainties are shattered

like stain glass in an abandoned Gothic church

I wish to lie in repose in your loving mind

For that would be heaven to me

to love a broken mind

to love a broken mind, soundcloud

a song about loving someone with a broken mind


When I’m broken will you mend me

When I can’t tell who you are

And when you start to question me

Will you still love me


When all your friends say he’s no good

And when I strt saying crazy things

When remission is to be excpected

My dear Will you still love me


When I lose the battle against my curses

And when the meds take their final toll

When the inevitable final comes to call

My darling will you still love me


And when I’m drunk and to stoned to care

And saying things not here nor there

Will you still look at me the same

And would you know I still care

thinking, song

new song, now I’m not a singer by any means, I hope you’ll follow the link or just enjoy the lyrics that I post thinking, souncloud

this song was inspired how others might think of thing and that i different than you, and how that relates to someone you love:


How do you see the sunset falling from the sky

Does it warm you as another day subsides

And does the night question your soul

And does the silence slowly take control

And does it shine a light upon the loneliness inside


Do my words shake your hearts locked gate

Is my voice a sound that deeply resonates

When all the goodness has come undone

And when the stars shine for a final time

Will it be my words in your heart you’ll here


There are no rainbows to my words

There are no mountains I can move

My spirit is quelled by the thoughts of love

Endless seas my soul will always sail

And my heart will listen for her siren call


Loneliness is but a word best left unspoken

And love is a spring my heart thirst to drink

As true as the wind beneath the eaves

With the reverence of the rain upon the seals

I fear to know how one I love must think of me

use to be, music

use to be, soundcloud

another song I have done

here are the lyrics:


By take care I mean I love you

By see you later I mean in my dreams

And when I say that I miss you

It’s merely because I miss who I use to be


Tattered dream fallen apart

Lay wasted upon the tired floor

my life that which was beginning

Is now but a thorn bush memory


An what could love do except save our hearts

Yet it was a love that neither wanted to choose


Neglected feelings and disregarded tears

like leaves falling upon a lost highway

a silence which was bitter and louder than words

and an ending which never should have come


summer becomes

The summer wind lifts the soul

As it does to the goldfinch

Flying high into the sun

The hunter green grass

was soften by the previous days rain

and it seems the midday sun

erases the winter’s futile strife

yet soon the fields shall become golden

from the heat and then a chill shall soon arrive

the leaves turn unto a hazel reflection

of an angel’s starry eyes

goodbye dear summer for once again

I knew very little of your stay

Yet the reverence you bring

My spirit so contends

be friends- youtube

be friends, youtube

here is a video on Youtube of the song I did called be friends, it is also has images of woodworking projects I have done, please enjoy

also the lady that inspired the song likes the song as well which meant a lot and I think it is a surprisingly good for me,  I’m just not that good of a singer. also I added pictures of my woodworking, I did have a blog, well i do but this year has been very busy to keep up with it I’ll add a link to it:

modest woodworkings