ocean of tears

When my soul cast its eye upon you

It stood at rigid attention stricken

By the sight of an ocean of tears

That must have formed into your eyes


for what is darkness

like a darkness I try to hide

like a silence I effortlessly denie

lost in a universe of my restless mind

it seems as though tears are elixirs

for my endless strife

yet if not for these things

I would not have a spirit to write

therefore I must say:

my pain is the reason I sing,

as well as cry

a dreamer that is my heart

still my heart dreams

past the fears and terrors

of what I may deem to be

and my conscience screams

against the frail existence

of what I may see

my soul and spirit are anchored

upon the seems of my hopes and faith

that that I am but one with all to be

and all the beauty I have ever know

is why my heart is bound to dream




ray of light

rays of light upon an amber sunrise

the sky turns to a fiery revival

as the dawn itself finds it to be magnificent

and full of virgin wonder

heart of the sky breaching the soul of the earth

through space motion and their child time

it is a splendor, a touch of the creator’s eminence

upon the once night sky