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audio-be friends


folk song, the link is to soundcloud


Sometimes I don’t think we can be friends

Sometimes I think that it’s wrong

Sometimes I think of you all the time

Other times I don’t think at all


Does he know when we hangout

Does he know the things we talk about

Does he know the way I feel inside

Does he think that it’s wrong


You’re like the rain upon my cheek

You’re the brushing summer wind upon my back

You’re all the beauty I’ll ever know

And we’ll always be good friends


tears, music

this is a link to a sound cloud page with a song i wrote it is somewhat of a rap song, I wrote this at work in the mind of a rapper he are the lyrics, and yes it is serious subject matter, I have been going through just so much lately from personal issues, losing a my grammie, to losing friends cause I can’t stop myself from loving them not sure if the world is end or just another chapter in life is coming to an end, also follow me on soundcloud I usually create original guitar compositions


Falling in love is like suicide

it just takes a few tries


And when life is hopeless

and you’re verging to give up

that’s when you start living


When it all seems unreal

and there’s nothing left to feel

that’s what tears are for

Working a part time job

with a manager who most likely

would’ve ridicule you in middle school

And how’s a boy to be a man

when his father never gave his hand


The ounces of hurt turn into pounds of pain

starting back when you were in school

everyone thinking you were gonna snap too

no one ever realized you only hurt yourself

and all the pain just weighs as the levees come closer to break

and you’re sitting at home losing your hearing

cause music is the only thing that keeps you steering

keeping it on the road, and you realize that’s what tears are for

No one ever told me life was perfect, from the get go I knew it was bull shit

Being the weird chubby kid, as all my friends always walked away

every woman I ever came to love now no longer communicates

cause I’m social inept and find it impossible not to love

it’s my heart that’s broken and my soul that’s dying

and every single heart ache and medical drama and

that’s when I call my mama,

And I’m not saying life is hopeless, or worthless nor is it priceless,

but it’s neither choiceless and living for that fight is worth it

This ain’t no pity call, everytime I try to die I did it with dignity,

the scars on my wrist speak of its validity, and damn glad I’m still here

And I don’t blame the bullies, if I was them I might have done the same,

authoritarian father yelling at them to be the best pushing them so they can get a varsity seat

so they can go to college and be the man he never was


And every now and then the anger starts to manifest

and I wanna beat up somebody that ain’t nothing but a reminder

end up in the bus station restroom beating the tile walls till your knuckles are red

going home and flogging yourself just to know pain is real and so are you

you just gotta get up and forget the reasons to leave and focus on what keep you sane

and always get your weapons before the war begins that’s what tears are for

a lifted weight

What does my heart do

When its love has gone

What do my words say

When all the beauty my soul

Has felt has faded away

The drunken calls and loneliness

and my heart’s song of lament

you must go away

I only wish it wasn’t now

When I need you more

Than I need myself

Every tear drop a stone

Placed upon a mosaic of my pain

All is unjust in loss and strife

And my soul lies in repose

Exhausted from trying to adore

Someone who thinks

I am not a man she envisioned

In her youthful days

And yet my soul feels free

it’s OK

Let the angels hold you

As your inner child whispers

Come it’s time for us to leave

Let the nightmares be washed

And turned into daydreams

While you love without pretention of fear

Let nothing quell you mighty soul

Let the laughter of your youth

And the wisdom of your age

Be the same words upon a different page

And let all your childhood dreams

Be the heaven of which you came


Your beauty much like your eyes is eternal

Droplets of time into a pool of memories

Forever to ponder my love of you

As unending thoughts to vex my soul

My heart lavishes in such adore as is

The unrelenting bliss that is to see

When the sun kisses your cheeks

Or the moonlight rests upon you chestnut hair

Or even when you’re just standing there

modest and quaint, faithful and reserved

everything I fail to be

You are an unending ebb tide

The dying starlight that gives me hope

And forever you are the one I love


writer’s note: this was written and not posted couple weeks ago, I used a line from it in another poem, I felt it was OK to post now


I’ve gone through hell many times

Sometimes a quick trip

Other times an arduous journey

Don’t look at me for inspiration

For I merely make it through on time

The only words I would every pass

To comfort a weeping soul

When love is not an option make it a choice

a place she’ll never see

A warm humid noir evening

As the sheets seem to be

More uncomfortable

Then my feelings for her,

Subdued Twilight caressing

Through the blinds

Coming to rest upon

The flat white paint

Upon my apartment’s Dingy walls,

Moments like this I realize

The beauty echoing

In the simplistic scenes

Of the downtrodden being;

These are also the things

She does not love about me