until when

I have always been a poet and a dreamer

I have always been able to see a silver line

The past is gone it has gone far behind

The state of our love has become the bottom line

And that our love shall live forever

And if it should pass, let it go out with the final tide


salutations, from Mr. Price

As I sat losing my sense

My mind cursed with mortality

I sat and drank in my despair

As the night grew darker

I sat as death walked by

And said nothing but salutations

The chair I sat and had always sat

Had come to cripple my back

My drink pickled my liver

And all my dreams I have dreamt

are of failed childhood dreams

even food of which I love

has come to make my mouth sore

and to think of the nerve

of my long awaited guest

just came to say Hello.

heart’s lament

winter’s song of love and long

how the heart sings alone

and how the soul is less than more,

I wish to be blessed with your kiss

And be relinquished of this Rock of Sisyphus,

I stared in a pool for far too long

Thus I am barren and alone,

Kinder hearts sing in tune

Heavy hearts monologue their doom

And upon a sinking ship of a dead crew

I sing like siren unto the thought of you

the intimacy of poetry

As you read this writing

That I wrote to prove a point;

Just the two of us exist,

The writer and the reader,

I know what it is to write

And I have been known to read

But in this moment I am but one,

The writer convening emotions

The reader will soon conceive,

Yet you are the reader- a singular,

in this moment we exist together

in a literary construct I created

that you identify or denounce,

and in this soon to end moment

there is only you and me

I often drink of you

I went out with an old friend

Drank and ate and even smoked

I always say the problem with wine

Is that there is honestly three glasses

In every bottle I have ever drank

Since the day I realized I’m not for you

I wish it was us and there was no drink

Neither smoke nor coming home afterwards

I just wish it was us and no pretensions

Of whom we would like to be

I just wish it was us and not the crutches I use

To last another day in a lifetime without you

moment like heaven

The kind of woman

I would want to meet

Upon a lucid daydream

Where for but a moment

A dream could come true

And the notions of the past

Were swept carelessly away

Where one would reminisce-

the heart became like heaven,

and as my tepid tears show

no such moment could ever last

morning fog

In the dark I listen,

Sounds of blue play-

I ponder.


Through deep everlasting

Smokey blue eyes,

I feel as though

I have never been hurt


lights from machines,

shadows and silhouettes-

I declare.


Lease my soul to Hell

If I am never to wake

To such a beautiful sight

As those smoky blue eyes