something once, will be again

an interlude of past and present

a time called now, a love that is pure

as the days wear, neither my soul nor heart

seem yet to find neither a song nor sunrise

which compare with the beauty of her

as though you witness the unending sunset

setting upon the mountains, the planes and the seas

until they themselves cease to be

the grandeur of her beauty is much the same to me


words at sea


It warms my heart when you think of me

It creates existence in my barren soul

To have a friend such as you

Is in a way having a creator of life

Speaking light into dark realms of my being

You’re all the tides that will settle upon the beach

the rays of light that settling upon them

and the moon which gives life unto them

as it fades

A morning intrudes within the infinite chain

And upon the last star light is seen

A glimmer of hope before a new day

After the nocturne lonesome tryst

Where you feel abandoned by the sky itself

Be thou love that breaks my heart

Be thou heart that quells my soul

You ever have taken my breath

My world that was is now a metaphor

A hypothetical existence of a hypothesis

That has shown to be neither valid nor true

in a dream like this

No matter the beautiful women I meet

And the ones I may take home

No grandeur of seas I travel

And exotic lands I may ever see

Disregard the poverty or wealth I inherit

Or all the eminence I may never be

I will always dream of you

And regret my emotions are as a waterfall

Never to be returned by the pool

It showers with its love


Because I can’t get you I get high,

because my dreams will never come true

I drink to settle the night,

a blue tinted daydream after an amber sunrise

I write of these things because you’ll never grace my side