I have tried in my way
For you to bask your love
Upon me, I’m no poet of worth
And no man of considered standing
I dreamt as time goes by
Slowly not knowing who still resides
Within the confines of my Imaginary being,
If you were to love me
Fearfully that would not change
Are you a snake oil medicine
That my desperate mind has conceived
To believe there is a savior
Meant for me

rest upon the dawn

Cluster of reminisce upon the stars
What became before the fall
The drift of morning wind
Lifting the falling dogwood leaves
As they come to rest upon the creek
And thus float down to a distant bank
As the nocturnal marsupials go to rest
The goddess of new beginnings
Awakes upon the morning’s breast
As love was never meant to be
It has become something new
As the morning sun splays the night sky;
To never see the dawn arise
In its full majestic grandeur is an atheistic plight
for it is an encore of creation itself

in vein of 60’s songwriters

You’re probably looking
For a man with his shit together
For perhaps a bad boy
All studded in leather
Well it’s clear to see
Baby that ain’t me
I’m just a passing in time
A memory without reason
And song without rhyme
It’s ever clearing too see
That baby it ain’t me
That you need
Perhaps if you were looking
For a listening mate
Or one to hold you near
Before the thunder clouds clear
Someone you’ll destroy
In your young adult foils
And will be loving you still
Even though it is quite queer
But babe it is quite clear
You ain’t looking for him

moment upon moment

Upon the seed deeply sewn
Upon my heart my adoration grows
Template of love margined of what is so
Quicken beats the heart
As her heart and soul grows near
My spirit repose no more
Thinking there was nothing but alone
Her mannerisms delight my soul
As what I believe that she as well adores
Crest upon escalation as I brush her hair
brimming I become as she does not break stare
countless songs and psalms bear no fruit
as this moment has eclipsed the past and what I knew
as lips are pressed the dire need of hope
has since past, as though I am a infant birthed
placed upon his mothers breast
I fell no longer that I am alone

tales of bewilderment

it has slipped unto my memory
the tales of want and ecstasy
such as whispers echoing
down a stone hall
once they begun they were
no sooner to be gone
love bequest eternal depths
as lust is shallow and soon
fades upon the bank
my heart and soul eclipse
from the spirit of my loins
yet I know which is better
yet I still press to ignore
linen lady of the field
one that is best to build a home
how I wished it would be
but the tales of want and ecstasy
were far to enticing
for such a bewildered man as me

amor de su madre

I’ve exhausted my will
Yet my megalithic fortitude
Has kept me here
It was you in the quite hours
That comforted my soul
the only reason I ever
fear death is the thought of yours;
you’re the light from the street lamp
as I lay in my bed as a child,
the warmth in my hands
as the world slowly turned cold
your all I ever knew from what love was
and without doubt of certainty
you’ll be the last prayer I’ll ever pray,
amor de su madre


flame upon the tip

as the cool autumn air
touches your lips
have you felt the realization
that reality is so fleeting
stricken by sense that time
is a slow burning wax
wanting nothing more
than to be through
as velvet sunrise enriches
the a pale blue tone upon the sky
as the promise of love upon an
unending night quickly dies
thousands wishes I wished for thee
and a thousand regrets I have saved
the solace of death is not to be stole
but to be earned once time succeeds the toll

to return is to leave

thousand steps into the sea
thousands dreams I never dreamt
Four letter word for alone
As my tears carried the memories of you
A simple equation made difficult
By the sinking sound of solitude
The tide flees yet always returns
The moon isn’t always new
And the birds return once winter is through
then why can’t I be with you

a true regret

Rest my heart
Rest forevermore
Beat not this moment
Be still forevermore
What love has become
Has become nevermore
Everlasting angst of my soul
If my heart quits will you
Still persist, be gone I implore
My spirit is broken and tamed
Speak not her name I beg my mind
Yet her whisper is persistent
Throughout my shattered nights
And Her scent inundates
In front of my stride,
And as my breath slows
And my heart beats’ less than more
I forgot what I did this for
And as the bright veil of life
Is eclipsed, my one desire
Is that if I could only remember

staying the course

hello everyone, I would like to say thank you for reading my blog I deeply appreciate it, I am often surprised how well it has done in the short time I have been writing and without promotion either. It has come to my attention that the most common time for viewing Two Eye Mind is around four AM, I do tend to over analyze things but regardless of that I know this is an hour associated with higher suicide rates and my writings can be a bit serious sometimes, I would like to say if by some chance anyone is reading this blog and is contemplating taking their own life I understand what your going through and I implore you to stay the course and reach out to emergency services and/or a friend, I am glad I am still here and you will be too,

thank you,   Robert H.