spoken lovingly by the night

A heartfelt psalm
spoken by the stars
as the dew soaked rose
opens its lips to repeat
the silence of shattered dreams
broken by the words spoken
and at the heart of the
evening nocturne love song
are the feelings that the poet
spoke that are now the epitaph
of his sorrow felt dreams
gone is the hope of the dawn
and now lingers the promise
of the evening’s nocturne love song


beckons from the sea

how the tide from the sea
come unto the shore
how my love for you
escalates upon the hours
I’m alone, only to ruminate
Upon the thoughts I pen,
You are only the sunshine to me
The ever reason of my being
You are the end of trial
And the beginning of excitation
If only my words where prominent
Upon your senses, like lavender in the bath
I would speak them more often
In hopes that you would find
Time to love and time to forgive,
If my touch was silk upon your ivory skin
I would neither hesitate to touch
Nor begin my advances for your heart
But neither or are the case
For I must only write of my sensations
For it seems my lovingly vibrations
Do not ruminate upon your heart

rhyme of lovenly contentment

If I had but one wish
It would be to forget
ever knowing you
so that one day I would
meet you all anew
and fall in love again
upon first sight,
if I was to die and ascend
to a paradise beyond
lavish gates with every
peaceful feeling to embody
once I step beyond the threshold,
yet I would wait upon the steps
of such heavenly gates
to wait to see you made it
for what paradise could ever be
could not be without you

light upon my heart

as though a burning hearth
upon a deep winter’s morn
a comforting sense of warmth
and a new day just giving birth
eternally I am granted the sensation
of my loved one’s hands upon my soul
though the night is somber and alone
the grace and beauty of humanity
arise upon dawn’s early light
raised from the ashes of yesterday’s
mistaken hope is the strength of my soul
as my heart once again becomes whole

a summer’s eclipse

the night is crawling away
from the darkness that held it
the nocturne’s love subsides
where is the endless intimacy
of that once summer’s night
the moon would shine brighter
and the dew fell much softer
the sounds of silence held longer
as the stars shined the little brighter
where is the passion the darkness held
for the night it knew so well

just of love (reprised)

As a silent whisper is my love
spoken not but felt so deep
What tempers fuel thy desire
what spark ignites thy longing
Heavenly quickening upon a shroud of tears
I for one do not hesitate from fear
For that I know of good reckoning
Of love’s ember waiting for its hearth
a heart’s words waiting for its prose
Passion that I love, a love unto truth
be it from me to ever stray
from heartfelt thoughts of you

(I have begun editing and correcting grammar and style in old poems and will post the new version, the old ones are still available, I have over four hundred writings and many were written in a time I was just not well versed in what I was doing in the matters of punctuation and grammar as  well as style. thank you)