the preservation society of musings of the heart

to me you are a singular orchid
that has unto now not exist
growing in a field few have been
the color is of dusk across the ocean tide
and an aroma of mountain lilies bathed in dew
out of preservation of beauty
and the righteous will of man
I must leave you to be
And let you become something more
Than the one who loves me


white walls, whiter sheets

shades of rose tinted hues
reel upon my fantasy
a prim thought of ecstasy
that may one day lead
feverish heart contending
with the cold lonely soul
even an Orderly could not see
for they harbor reality
unto those too privileged not to see
and as I sit and squander my days
remembering a moment within a day
that may or may not have become
as to say it’s either déjà vu’s beginning or end
for I must sit and squander the possibilities
that I am a tyrannical ruler of utopia
or that I may just be completely mad

if I stay

As two streams merge a river ensues
Slowly going unto a gulf
where they truly become one
as the night darkens and the stars emerge
from its progression it becomes the dawn
the natural causality of existence
where the being of one thing became another
whether a theory or practice or being
its momentum saw it to an evolution of its natural state
yet even natural is a pretense for our false understanding
it comes to the fact no matter what we say
what we do or who we may become
we all just want someone to understand
so we don’t feel so alone…

a means to an end

evermore as the stars shine across the sky
I want to kiss thy lips and gaze upon your eyes
As the time reaches a compromise and the soliloquies
Of all that matter have no means to an end
I will think of thee as the one to shed reasoning
Upon a splintered mind that thought no more of beauty
Than a means of poetic manifestation

watches me

Why should my heart feel lonely
When even the sunrise and sunset
Basks of loveliness and preciousness to me
Why should I feel scared when the guards
Of heaven give sanctuary to me
For what hell could ever devise
Is not adequate of heavens assuredly
And the look upon thy face across a crowded room
is all the proof of heaven that I may ever need


When I first noticed
How light reflects off your face
And how each of your words
Speak of unending grace
Even the most unflattery of you
I seem to seem to admire,
That is when I found that I love you
And when you told me no more
The messages no longer
Were returned from you
I still loved you,
And when the day comes
You meet a man better than I
And he becomes the one
That I could have never been,
No matter who may ever grace my side
Till the day comes that I die
And all nature and time is revealed
I will love you still

laid upon their gowns

No manner of reasoning
Will employ her love upon me
She does not hear the wind
Nor smell the rain the same
An artist of suffering
Cannot grant a future of means
So as it was to the saints
And to the hopeless and insane
I’ll be comforted by the angels
Before my love shall beseech me