reach upon an empty space

No one wants hope more than the loveless
No one wants love more than the hopeless
If I had someway to reach out and touch
Something that may or may never be
I would reach out and touch someone
that felt the same way I did
when I first felt that love did not exist


love me not tomorrow

I fear a posthumous love
That I should fall from being
Thus rapture in your heart
For how you feel for me,
Love me not in sorrow times
When memories are filtered rose
Love me while love can still grow
And there is no fear of letting go

only I never knew

Such emptiness lingers
all remains is a fear of hate
Praying for a deliverance of fate
A divine suffering seeming quite Copacetic
Sorrow my heart became
until it bled the remainder of your name
may chance beget from times mournful pass
that I should look upon my empty bedside
and not see a revelation from the past

muse upon my heart

for forever and a day
I have ponder all the ways
To say you are the complete in me
The simplest words I repeat
Unto the end of me
That you are the kiss of dew
Upon the lips lilies
Yet you are so modest and I’m not
So I must humbly say
You are but the soul of my inspiration
Every hue entangled in morning light
And every note missing in the sound of silence
that which belays my thoughts
and enlightens my heart…
it seems not so easy to humble my words;
for you my dear, are everything to me

as I rose

As I woke from a dream
I thought I heard a whisper
Of a sweet surrender
A cadence that turned the barren night
Into a comforting means
It was a whisper of allotment
Of a thousand nights
And the dreams that are lost
upon their waking seam

to be here

I want to send a post card
With the world on the front
And write: I’ve gone away for awhile
And I was never really here

Some might wonder why I let
so much time go by, and I’m always alone,
we all die but not everyone lives
and if you’re wonder, I’m not really here

If I could still feel my thoughts
And my emotions too,
I would sit and cry, and think about
Only me and you