coursing in vain

I stand alone by your side
Wishing the subsiding tears would abide
As the shallow from whence it came
The rhetoric tone came the end
And as I stand as the darken shadows lining
The world of which love’s reproaching made
Had returned to the ashes whence it came

through a world we may never know

Faintly sense arouse upon my means
Like storm clouds erecting upon the night sky
Is it that of doom and of condemnation
Or is a sense that I am not too familiar to,
Sweetly it reaches my membranes
Triggering thoughts upon my imagination
Reminding me of the sweetest of love’s raptors
Beckoning hope through wanderlust petition
Yet as soon it rooted upon my deepest most lustrous dreams
it left again through the annals of inspiration
thrusting hope upon the weariest of those who choose to continue;

embellished embellishment, that it may be, for it is the truth to me

the agency of God is that of beauty,
it has reaped that which is good
and brought forth the new day’s being,
the kinder heart speaks of such things
as thy mind rest upon the picturesque,
for thy hunger of my heart is that which I seek
and is feed upon the site of thee,
I embellished thee not out of some form of flattery
But out of a love of the agency that I speak,
Fool hearted notion I conjure in my mind
And that which I fully surmise,
It is upon thy spirit the breathes the breath of inspiration
As I look upon the majesty that riles its need
And as I see less of the beauty in this world that raised me
Forever the agency of your splendor shall be

fallen sorrow;

as the sun grows old unto a restless sky
upon a tiered sunrise it weep
glorious of nature could not stir its heart
for it wept until it bled and a fuchsia sky began
soon the cries of humanity joined the sun
crimson casted rain fell upon the earth
until the valleys housed the greatest of whales
soon they too would perish in the darkened maroon deep
soon the sun itself had not a tear more to shed
thus came the end of the sun that bled

dramatic effect

Perennial notions of the romantic heart
My reason lay to sunder as my heart resists a beat
By what surreal means has brought life to me
Such a light that bask the eaves of my internal home
To what sun brought the agony of hope upon me
For if it must be a new day than I shall see to it with may
Bring forth the cherubs as they play, and the romantic words I’ll display
Yet how could I ever see a new day of smitten means and hopeful trysts
When that which is life’s complacent wrath seems to always be upon me

but what else would it be

My heart content upon a thought of your making
Yet my desire fleshed upon a corporeal notion,
I have not a dignified mind when my spirit surrenders
To such ways of light that illuminate your body
And how your doeful eyes radiate a once thought empty soul;
Pleasure amassed I bear not contain,
Such feverish quandaries ally as the silence whispers your name.