cynics guide to the heart

Upon the wind my heart goes
Once I felt, once I knew
Loves only kin has never broken within
Lustrous growths of a dream
Dreamed upon a deepening thought
Rooted within time’s lost moments
And once I had dreamed upon a deepening thought
I saw what was to be was false
And what I felt was the cost of what I believe
The world was only what it was
And I was the midnight star gazing upon it
Thus as I gazed I saw the ivory skin
of she that my love is akin
I reached unto the field that which she lay
Only to find the dream had to soon gone away


weeping sorrow

A fallen star upon meadows of wheat
The golden gluten grains admired its site
The river stream not far from, envious of their gift
The river bed rose to see the radiance of the star
The more the stream saw the envious it became
Soon the river overcame the rising of the field
The wheat buckled under the waters weight
Once the river stream came upon the star
The radiance of the star faded to none under the rivers tide
Thus came the day the rising river wept and became a sea

upon gentle sands i wrote

Pearl white silhouette upon a darken eclipse
Hardened by the sound from your lips
Quenched over through of desire upon a destitute heart
My dreams never to end of sworn felt begins
chalice of passion over flows upon times wildered table cloth
An end to begin all things a start that never would have became
Dearest until the end my ardor will heel the zealot beast
Until I am are taken away by life’s dastardly end
I will not know what hell that I am akin
For your love is salubrious like the gentle sunbeams upon my skin

hearting kiss

Moonlight drenched slumber upon a tranquil scene
A thousand and one child’s kisses upon the cheek
Dare I compare such ideals to thee,
A hundred sorrows relinquished by love
Somber notions lighten by the air of your breath
For this my darling you have given me