vinyl mind

Gentle evening wind cresting the eves delight
As the amber to fuchsia sky become the night
The cricket’s melodies beckon the summers star light
A cool humid smell of late foliage within the air
As this moment in time is pressed upon a vinyl mind
Thus to play throughout life as a remembrance
Of the innocence of the simple beauty of life


desert hour

Painted desert upon the sunrise
A barren love yet beauty resides
The solace hour of time yet forgot
A memory of what was long forgot
Quilted night and sheeted star light
And thus the desert comes alive
Love is a thing that lives upon the light
Yet it is best remembered in the night
My being travels through the movement of time
And as the night the desert as well shall go by
Foliage of fields and springs do abide
But now I am in the moment of a love gone by

how it may be

Every nightly hour squandered upon a lonely time
I am assure my lucidity siphons away from me
What love I could have attest is but a remembrance
My joy of music is accompanied by an overlaying sound of silence
A metronome is more to bring peace as I disappear unto my mind
A white room there in lays where I am sure I’ll spend my elder days
No longer here, my conscience will disappear unto a mind far too wide
The mindscape that I have built is but the universe that is reflected upon my sight
And as the thoughts become more visual than the stimulus in my eyes
As I feel the illusions more than the friend by my side
I shall have peace as I gently say goodbye

ebb tide

My heart beats as the gentle waves upon the idyllic shore line
My soul the eternal sunrise upon the picturesque skyline
It is of remiss for I must say the tide for now has gone away
The sunrise basking unto hope has evolved unto sunset
As I go unto repose as the bed of star light enchants my soul
I know the sunrise shall occur once more upon the everlasting horizon
And the sibilant sound of the waves shall return upon the eternal shore

contrast of being

I exemplify that which is the lonely woe
Yet how my spirit flows like a spring unto thee
An escalation of adoration to thee
As I meditate unto thought is unto ease
But to see a picture of thee is hard for I am never near
Exaltation is all I have unto such a modest being
Yet I desire not thee for you are all that contrast me
I feel I could ever change and be the pool under your waterfall
Give that which can never be built with hands or it a shop
Only by a God that I feel has mistaken me for a saint to suffer
To be eunuch unto the plane of social contemporary
For my depths are lighted by your grace
My muse has returned to my heart but never to my hand
These words are but a contradiction of a love that does not exist
Yet only a manifestation from the judgment on ones true beauty
Woven upon a mind that understands everything but his own existence

circle to be broken

The enticing noose swaying upon forgiving winds
The weight of the past like the grimace upon a lovers face
Yet I cannot forget the future I have yet to live
Pain and suffering commissioned unto my being
Yet it is not for I to give this away but only to endure
For I sit in depths of comforting pain question the end to be
and I only think it is not for I to give such heartache away
for I can only think of the future yet to be
it is of hope that makes me and my modest greatness
that is built upon the enduring of a past that had known not of its ways
for it is not the action unto that built my being
it was that pain that went from them to me and stopped there to never be
it travels from one to another until one endures it without releasing it again
it is a circle to be broken and replaced my love