poem pretence

The veil of yellow light that is secreted from the sun light
The pearl glare of moonlight casting down from the night sky
The softness of floral pedals the freshness of awaited rain
The sound of silence in the trees while the birds sing with glee
The symphony of the tide and as the drum so crashes the waves
And all of wonder proclaim and man bows unto her beauty
And nature forgive thy sins and love begins again

movement of the tide

Mountains fade and the seas reside to time once whence was
A shatter of clusters already there my heart feels no change
Quaking may erupt and all that was, was ever a dream
For the mended splinters do not make the whole that was nil
For what could life seem in the mind helps the reflection in my eyes
A tipper and a tap, a gentleman and a sorrow
For how can I ever see pass that which shadows me
Upon a cry a newborn gives unto the breath behind death
I have not cursed thy life nor whimpered long from defeat
But I can never cease to smell the sweetness of solidarity
yet feel the empty presence planed upon my side
in the future where my hope no longer abides,
you may quester what man whimpers such a mournful woe
and I say a man who has felt what is to come and what is to go
time is no longer so; it has always been a reflection of movement
much as movement and not time gauges our life
I feel it is for I to see the changing of my tides, and where they will soon reside

autumn dear

The leaves fall from the elm and fir trees
Fall upon the green earth to become new loam
The songs of autumn are a serenade to the chilling wind
Why my dear do you fear the season change

The doe will continue to wonder the owl will still who
The fall shall bring a winter I know but it must be so
For my dearest do not fear that which always comes
For it is a motion of the wheat that grows thus unto the mill

For natures harvest is the autumn and for it to feed it must be so
Whatever dim skies and raining days and nights you shall see
I promise that that you will always have:
The sun to see, the air to breathe, and the moon to dream, my dear

for a moment

For it is not much that my eyes have seen
That has not been the pain of loneliness
Yet what man that climbs the mountain first
And swims and channel before his foes
Has not encounter a feat of pain for his trials
For if I was to know of the pain to lay ahead fourteen years ago
I cannot say I would have live to ever see another day
Yet such beauty that I have seen has steady my hand
I wonder if I have made a change I the lives of those
For if i knew of the things I would come to do and the beauty in you
Then my slaying hand would of rest and endure the coming pain
Just to know of the one whom I have become
And that which has became the life of me
One may say suicide is not which something you should speak
Yet I speak of it as a cancer I have slain
For what is that of the heart that destroys a man
But heals it is to humble one’s self like the eye of the proverbial needle
hence I live to survive, and I survive to live
death is but the toll and my actions are the fare
forever I live but only for a moment I shall die


I am drawn to you like painter to an English river side
I reflected when I see your eyes of the moon tracing throughout the sky
I am but a man spending time with an adored canvas of beauty
Knowing he can never take it home, knowing someone else will
For I am blessed with my memories for they are as clear as a cold nights sky
And my heart only wishes for you to be pleased
For a man within chains is not a man to be with thee
You are the grace of wine that I cannot taste
And the bathing oil where my body cannot take place
Yet the sirens of your voice lead me not astray
Please know thy heart will forever rest in your place
Oh sweet one which I cannot love be it from me to ever say
That whatever tides of change come our way
The palace in my mind is where that painting shall hang

dawn set free

Mental illness could take all I ever have
But it shall not steal my humanity
Or my back that cripples with each passing year
But it does not cripple my spirit
For I am quested in honor
Slated in a thought that I am not God
But I am to serve and only to love
For evil may tempt thy palate of taste
but it is that which I fast and never to partake
bless thy soul and humble my spirit
for the I go I shall go in whole
and that which is to come is but the border of the horizon sea
and that which is where the dawn truly is set free


you are but the crest of the moon over the sea, the sight of milk and honey to me
a gaze upon the willow tree, a song from the whippoorwill from his cage he still sings
now that the sun has refrained its light, and the hallelujahs are all but in repose
the cherubs have de-stringed their bows, the day’s lack luster had set within the evening sun
for what eyes of beauty I have ever seen, what sounds of harmony within the silent pose
if such a magnificent splendor bequest my dry lips, elixir of life that which death become abstain
thy solitude I would shed as wool in summer heat, drink as though a babe from a dry womb
from such a chalice I drink shall it ever be, hitherto it will be only thy ink that speaks of thee


such passing that has been lathed by time
a begotten beauty wilted into the breeze,
a song molded in pain yet pleasant upon the ear,
an oak that stood and gave life unto the woods,
one who laced in elegance and splendor upon the days,
remorse for him who most have forgot,
She who is a ship upon the sea how I wish I knew thee,
Him that I would never know I wish it was more so,
And to him who took his place I think of thee,
This is but a requiem for those that I lost
There have been others but these are the ones that touch my heart
A man of my young age it seems to be too many
Thus I feel the trial of the young is to suffer the demise of their elders

upon my mind

Sweet as the winter wine upon thy lips
Soft as a blossom upon my finger tips
Sensual desire of soon to be enhanced
Penetrating thoughts of love and loss
More though the manifestation of lust
What to be upon thy mind
Is not what to become upon thy sheets
For what greater gift does one man have
Than to give unto his bride his celibate life
To speak upon actions of hope
To say I knew thee would come for me
And thus I waited to be
To only see what was crafted for me