ode to beauty

For that which occupies my mind is the thought of beauty
For how could I ever see a clear night sky
and not be a gazed upon it’s sight
for if I was to be bounded to gaze upon autumn hills forever and a day
than I would ever to be blessed with the sight of it’s grace

there are those at times that look like beauty
that shall fade as the flower unto the chilling days
but then there are those that are of beauty
such a beauty as that resembles the moon dancing upon the bay
forever that is the moon is the beauty is see within you


reflections of my life

when that which I do not desire is denied from my sight
that which I speak is that of my life
for what man upon the day he crest deserves that which is given
for I feel that in life we must earn that which we rent
thus I right to simply say I am ever glad you blessed days
and unto my nights for they are privileged by that which you gave
And now I am simply who I am so that of is which I scribe
Your wisdom and tenacity has endowed unto my mind
And your beauty and love are the reflections of my life

life as it is

I wish I could cry for then my pain might seem real
I wish I could feel the capacity that once over flowed has run arid
To think upon the galaxy’s whims run amuck of a simple man’s mind
For that which will be tomorrow is that of today
It is as though life is but an instant and these years I live are just my perception
Slow it had seemed but now hesitates to slow and they seem to fade into one
I cannot lament about this change for I feel complete and content
So I must say I wait see when there is truly another day
for it’s sunrise will awaken me and I shall be free.

smitten finale

approach unto the final lore of that which I adore
thy belle that is of all the stars
that which is sweeter than the winter wines
how I envy the moon’s gaze for lying by your side
how to whisper affections that are not shared
how to speak my whimsy to your ears
when thou art not a woman who entertains fantasy
for my dear this stream of smitten means
shall fade but for now I shall gaze upon thy site
as a dying man would gaze upon the final sunrise
yet I shall have another day that will muse what which I scribe
but for now the beauty that bathes within your eyes
shall continue to rule the words of that I write

selfishly unspoken

For my affections are but a mote of dust to you
Yet to me they are but the mast that holds my being
For that which could not be taint is the selfless love of the saint
Hence my love will never be so pure as the one who loves his lord
Although that which I contain is only the love a humble man proclaims
A lynchpin of design a characteristic of the boarder lines
That which forms upon the potter wheel thus time will be the kiln
Hitherto the time that I cease to be the unspoken truth shall always be
That I called not the name of whom I loved instead I bared a cross of selfish shame
That which I believed in itself was a selfless means
although my love was never to be for it was that of impurity

moment and fate

The moment I am and I will always be
The moment continues from all things
I have not material things for they are not mine
For what was crafted by man is fleeting from time
For this moment will go on unto that who crafted it
I could never know the desires that fate will lead me to
Yet such phantoms will be an illusion a reflection of my own mind
All I know is that I am here and I forge what I am to become
Fate is conjured by the lacking sense of the moment which will always be
It is the brain calculating and controlling its host whether to succeed or fail
For that is not for I to decide yet he who crafts the moment shall be my guide