conflicted prayer

As the red scarf trails within the current,
From her nape unto the watery abyss
Unless she revives from the waters mist
they shall take me down to the tall cedar tree
and upon the last crow of the morning cock
they shall hang for me for my deeds.

The last dew upon my feet I knelled down to taste
And as the jailer brought me up the preacher man prayed,
And they walked me by the sheriff’s mare
With his Winchester fully bared
I thought I would rather die by my a bullet than a rope
Yet I am sure they would just do both.

They hoisted me up upon a chair I myself crafted of oak
And spoke the final words I was to ever hear:
To the carpenter, the drunk, and the murderer
I bid you death for death, justice for begotten demise
For took the reverend’s daughter
And ended her life.


once what was to be

Darkness like a tapestry, a void within time
A solemn reminder of that which never came
Tears that once were life are now but dust
And I cry out Virginia my lust where have thee gone
Or were you ever here for such a thing as time could never see.
Yet thy Virginia is so dear to me,
I once saw her upon my childish delights
yet as I grew I knew she that was Virginia was out of sight;
what has become is not her but that which is now life
and that which I craved and thought it to be justified to be mine
will forever be mislaid and never shall Virginia be by my side.

moonlight crest

For I know that my friend is coming
I fear him not for he will be here
Inevitability must truly be embraced
An intimacy that last unending
Why fear that which comes to all
Yet fear not this that were in
For it to is beautiful and should be loved
Bridle oneself to always do good work
And that which will come will seem supreme
Hesitate not thy selfless emotions
For regret comes from selfish means
And upon life’s moonlight crest
You shall not hesitate that final breath

dark bellus

I search from my heart to see such a sight
Yet how elapsed time has become
I know of beauty and of wisdom
Yet I know not of life and being human
I know good deeds and good work
Yet I know not of sharing my love
Affection I receive not and tender escapes me
What tears would justify such seclusion I have become
And the laughter I have leaves an empty abode
What wonders I may know, never to convey
I speculate that even such sorrow be everlasting.
But it is the stimulation of my soul
Why not beauty be alone and marvels be dark
For the moon that I adore stands alone
And upon the night eternity exposes her splendor
For that I believe is when beauty is its self
When there is fear yet there is peace
I sincerely believe that darkness truly speaks of me.

vanish such a vison

How I desire for thee to be my moon, For you to eternally guide my sea
Never ceasing with the beauty that you have come to be,
For I am loomed in loneliness yet for you that I would undo
Be not my sorrow that guides my path it is a thought of agape on earth.

The seas that run so deep are shallow to my soul
The sun that shines upon us would shadow against my heart
For I love thee yet you are omitted from and ceaseless in substance
For truly that is who I write and not a her that has been laid of sight.

Not a scent exists and no beauty persists of that which I pen,
So to this thought of delight a fancy in mind please say adieu,
For I wish to never leave yet how must I live with a of vision perfection
That clouds the perception of all who lay in my sight.

scent of a signora

A simple passing thus a simple yet sensual scent lingers
An orchard maybe or just a feminine clean
Man has his musk yet a lady can smell as a tulip field,
You always know when it is she by the scent she leaves
A product of delightful innovation or that which cleans her hair,
Such a glorious arrival yet how simple it can leave,
It can haunt your pillow thus even your dreams,
Such a simple passing for such an arousal of senses.