A shadow bestowed upon the heart
And the phantoms lived past the dawn
My love, will she beckon my name
Yet my soul has left the shallows
My tears have flooded the banks
And time has seizure upon itself,
I leave a ripple, I leave tomorrow
All things had come to go and further no more.

Love has not promised nor bequest a saintly man
for he must die in colored sheets
sins he commits he leaves them where they lay.
Yet the shallows are now deep and time now eclipse
What I write and what they read is not one in the same,
And my darling never existed, just someone to blame.
Foresight I see a cathedral, a garden and stream
There my thoughts and memories lay
It is that that makes my mind
where all music and knowledge I possess stays
where all those I know and love are laid
and shallows of that stream have risen,
is it heaven, or a thought of fancy,
whatever it may be, whatever it may seem
this is where my mind announces claim.

life and death

There are many products and facets to life promising to make it all better and make it seem great and make you feel better and more important. There are many people on the internet and media you can agree with and think “yeah I am right, thank you person I really don’t know”. but what I feel leads to a content life or even happy is that one must be ok to die, I believe this is done by living with conviction, never put yourself first when it come to others and if they do the same then you both are taking care of and you have found a human. To be ready for death eliminates fear and minimizes materialness, live a good life think of the effect of an action, analyze your thoughts and recognize when they are emotional but never take action unless you are assured with your ethics that it is necessary and not selfish. Ethics are not your beliefs they govern your beliefs. To be complacent with death is not to die easy but to die after life has exhausted what it could be and not you deciding that is time, a struggling life that is waging against pain and demise is worth more than any posh existence or self orientated demise. My belief is that when all my projects are done, I have written my final prose, and the struggle against evil subsides I will rest, yet I fear it not today nor 60 years from today, I believe that a life speaks upon its death and that truth sinks in and becomes the life it was meant to be. Too truly love life is to fear not death and live for a purpose beyond oneself.
To live honorably and die with purpose is greater than any riches the world may bestow.

ethic thoughts, collection of previous

Love is humility, patience, and enormous amount of faith in someone; faith that your feelings are excepted, and they too feel for you. Can never know another’s feelings or thoughts, and words are so relative.

A man who seldom gives compliments, is a man who gives the most sincere compliments

Our actions are seeds and what shall reap may be our demise.

Faith is repetition, and repetition is but motion done in faith

Passion is best to move or drive, yet reason should be to guide; and reason is learned and often done in faith.

As long as a human keeps moving they shall progress; labels on oneself is useless, actions will always prove who you are.

Words are relative actions are truth and faith shall construct a man so take care of what your faith is in.

actions should justify oneself, oneself should not have to justify their actions.

Put others first and you will see truly who they are.

Life is the incubator of the soul and death the time of harvest.

intelligence is only the outer shell of man and wisdom is what will make him whole

even the faintest concepts of God cannot survive when we materialize things like love, enlightenment, or peace.

your opinion is like a penny in a urinal no one with two cents wants it

don’t mock my conviction and I will not mock your ignorance

Knowledge is created, wisdom is found

to overcome something, you must understand it, and to understand something you must humble yourself towards it.

i was taking out some garbage out an the snow was quite high, on my return there was a hunched beast in my path out of fear i almost went the other way then at second glance it was a turquoise color horse gentle and loving i went close to him and as i looked in his eyes i awoke. and as i woke from this dream in a state neither here nor there i realized it was our perception of fear and judgment that sees the beast and the second glance was grace, and thatt is sees what it could truly be.

we are born with a set of materials, and through nurture we are given tools, thus in our independents of late adolescence we start forming what those materials are to be.

a modern man lives to promote himself, but a good man lives to promote an ideal larger than himself, and a great man will die for that ideal.
Never repeat the words of other it is like feeding others food that has been left out

You cannot learn ethics you earn ethics

these are dedicated to my nephew Layton

cathedral of my mind

For it would seem an easy feat to stop the sunrise and prevent the tides
Than it would ever be to stop loving thee
My heart just seems to cry when I see your face, your eyes are yet sirens beckoning my gaze
A lapse of time far too short than an ever, a trace of snow on fallen leaves
Fallen, forgotten for they shall be replaced nor shall thy love and never a trace
The tears are streams that have long dried; barren emotion is what I hide
Goodbye is a sweet embrace for the memories are strongly in place
They shall never fade nor shall they ever be worse, the distorted have filtered through the bog of time
And now a remembrance pond thrives where I sit in the cathedral of my mind.


The sorrow that yields within the soil of my being
yet a sweet and giving fruit grows form that seed which was sewn,
if not loneliness and if not the lord what else do I have,
and as I lay my body upon thy evening bed, I speak:
place your love upon me as the dew in the morning fields
rebuke that which is not mine and grace me that which I only feel,
and may you take that which is not my own and repose thy soul and carry me home;
and as the dusk awaken and the sun laid to rest, to await dawns embrace,
may I know of serenity and of the wine from the fruit which was laid.

repose, repose all that I know, gone is tomorrow for it was never my own
and the tides have brought me away from fear, glory was not yet has become
honor of that which I lived of what righteousness I had, has become my home;
I taste neither sweetness nor bitter for I only taste peace,
Hear not the sorrows neither momentary glee for I only hear praise.
The repose has taken thy soul and thy lord has taken me home,
the soil there is protruding with hope, fertilized from all that had known.. 

void I am

Such a void of light, night arrives I say goodbye
Such a thing to trail you, since you grew you never notice
there are many of me at times, I grow from narrow to large
How I love you, yet loathe I have that I can never confess to you
how I need thee, yet you need me not
a wasteful happening of incandescence, yet how could I ever love
in the night I join the darkness, waiting to be by your side
when the lights show I will caress your soul, you will never know that which I endure
thus when you are departed and i am no more, I shall have joined the shadow of the weeping willow.

words i mean not yet feel

even if I was to know of that which is to come I could not speak
if the thoughts that laid to murder where upon your feet
and if love was never once granted to thee,
could you turn from the intimacy of the passing hand?
sex without intimacy is violence, love without passion is murder
alluring the stars unto your bed, steeling all light and all but you were dead,
would you think of me as you walked the empty streets?
what would life be without your grace, would it be an unmade bed
lay alone as you must your ego suits you well
although we seem to believe we lay upon a pea when chance inconvenience our ways.

you gave me time as though the hour glass had shattered;
thou art the curse upon my lips the stain within thy heart,
thou art that which led me from Hell by showing its nature unto me.
a kiss to sink a ship would be the kiss upon your lips
I distain what I know not and I know not such ways to reveal
How you have wrecked me temptress and wrecked me well.