reverence of twilight

How I wait for thee, that ending of day;
When the sun begins to lie beneath the distant fields,
Dusk how I embrace thee with lust.

Oh how the cooling air imbues my heated flesh;
And when the moon shines and there is a token of light,
oh what a beauty, oh what a romantic sight.

The crickets play a symphony
and the toads sound off in a naturalistic harmony;
all is well within that sight, so it be within myself.

When I am to die, and lay the world behind;
I pray it is in a solace field, within the reverence of evening’s twilight.

thy heart to become

Am I in your thoughts do I enter your reveries
No words that I could whisper nor rhymes I could speak
Could match such beauty such embellishment I do unto thee,
So I say I love you would you cherish such words
What is hard to speak may not be what you need to hear,
What if I vow to never leave and be here eternally.

Gone away has gone thy heart and sense was soon to follow
Is it evolutionary design a reason from the human past
Or am I justifying what I know not with what I know least,
Lest all is forgotten would you still come unto me.

Vanishing lore, gone away the romantic and thus he has disappeared
Yet I am still here and you my darling, are you near,
Bleed for I am alive pain for I can see what good I have yet to have
And sleep for thy day is near and my darling you shall be here,
Bequest your heart unto me and forever I shall be free.

reverie of a dream

A withering serenade an epic wilted from the past
Became has gone and ruination has become
A tower mighty once was built strong with lushes vines laddering its walls
Once was my love once was my home
Falling the ideal of a freeman and the hope of the brave
Once the fields were free and the trees frolicked as they pleased.

When you see the young fox crossing the field he has more than he ever will
And less than he ever had,
and the young born upon this day might will never know the home the mighty once laid
all for a dollar we whore our land and molest our streams
pervade our skies and kill what glory has ever been seen
the gratis of men had fallen and my heart longs for their vision
and you can hear them cry within the nights
“away has gone my country, away has gone my dream”

transcendent in your love

Repose upon my heart a calming stillness upon my soul
A drink of water to last evermore a taste of manna upon my lips
Give me only what I need and deny me the weight I place upon my own back
Hold me within the darkest hour mend the joinery of myself
Let the fires of your beauty purify my being thus I become transcendent in your love
And as of the tides; you my father, are my moon, my everlasting guide

for him

The inflection changes within her voice
A reverence of silence takes hold in his soul
Realizing it is to end he ready’s his emotions to cold
She says few words but says more than needed
It’s over, the bright flame burnt through the wax much to quick
He pleads not; he only pleases her by saying OK
His heart is to cry yet his eyes remain dry
In the coming months she is seen in every other passing car
Dreams strike him awake and her scent looms in the air
A woven love affair unstitched thus the threads upon memories to bear
Goodbye is so hard to say nevertheless it is harder to live
And if she ever calls again he knows to walk away

walking within the woods.

past the grave yard over the rail road tracks and then the bridge, through a gate and a half mile on a curvy road to my early childhood home.
the place I fairly yet fondling remember, the sun upon the face and silence at night, miles of trees nestled in the Ozark hills.
Playing a he-man of childish delight outside a two bedroom century old homestead, wherein living a family of seven, the field before the hill that the house sat was beautiful with lady bugs glowing within night.
The chicken coop on the side of the yard where my brothers learned to be themselves, this place is where I learned of good, walking within the woods.
Grandpa’s place was just over the next hill, his dog Lady would walk with me for hours while I came in tuned with the mother of nature herself.
Those three short years are crested upon my mind, and as a child I frequented back and the house soon dilapidated and I understood that is the nature of all things.
When my grandfather had past; when I was the man he helped built, it was much easier for me then it was when Lady had past when I was still young, and walking within the woods.


A fleck of thought within the mind
A small desire casting darkness deep inside
A fantasy a lush taste upon the lip of fancy
The shadow enlarges as the sun goes down
A peaceful mind is like a the ground on high noon
Yet when delight of sin enters in the sun starts to descend
And the shadows start and darkness begins
Soon night will fall and all that is in his mind is darkness
Not willing to hide it any longer it emerges unto to his hands
And the thoughts that were mere illusions of delight have taken their hold
Evil be so bold for its master is never seen and less than often believed.

a new day

A thought in time yet time has gone by
A notion in a stream which conscience once was
Rippling through what was, anew it becomes
The shore line extends upon the bank and more life begins
A rotation of earth and herein lies a new day
What was to become became, what will be shall be today
The season has become the harvest and the winter to be fair
All the willow’s tears gave resolution to the fields-
Where the flowers splayed for the bees that would near
Reason chimed upon the hour and peace had croaked unto the morning sun
And smiles upon the infants and wonder upon their minds.
-A new day

as thee

Beauty of snow cap mountains in the crisp spring morn
A taste of sweet red wine an ever quest of delight,
A Smooth glide of thy finger down your cheek
Such words as these come as ease with a beauty such as thee.
I shall go never to say a word upon your ears
Only to know that I saw heaven materialized unto me
How could I not idealize a beauty such as thee.