poorer is the man who dies with riches and no honor then the man who dies with honor and no riches.


the ridge

A gentle sleep a somber embrace
It is you I love that which take me from this place
Loneliness gone by the long stride of life goes by
Good bye thy love never to be
Unto the mist of the ridge where all shall be
I never seen hate that which was not man made
Nor have I ever seen love that which God had not lain
From the ridge unto the sky my soul shall abide
The fear leaveth behind and all thy love let it shine
From this ridge I say ado, forever is that day forever it is anew.


Shades of the tide that bellows in from throughout the sea

Bellows it does and the curves of the waves turn to cusps upon the shore

 And on that shore ashes of a wood fire lay about

Trees that once were from distant place now lay upon the shore

Petrified limbs lay about for any artist to freely take

In the winter, light snow covers its sand yet the bellowing tide will see to that

And so it bellows beautifully and maddening

life and destruction in the mass of our home

what better place to see the stars what better place to take a rest

and so it goes bellowing to and fro

request the lord

curse me not for my timid words for you

my passion is a summit of love, a fire that yearns for the air from your lips.

gold would yet purify by the touch of your hand

darkness transcends into light, death comes unto life

poetic prose I murmur for your heart to hear me

oh lord know not thy sins but that I learned of thee

to know of thee is to not know lust of my own being

I shall sit and meditate for a hundred years in silence rather to live in glory and riches

and if you see fit to bless me immaculate give unto me a woman divine

where stagnate water purifies upon her lips  

the rose would wilt for envy of her grace

such a beauty and serenity in feminine form

may that lady be for such a lowly servant that is me