these words

a crippling wind upon the skin yet your beauty is of thy thoughts
a ripple upon the lake that descends through time
the silver lining of a grey and forgotten heart
yet you would read this and not know
yet you may hear these rhymes and not realize
that you are beauty that blesses whom ever may lay eyes upon
may you lay softly upon a pillow and hear words sweeter than mine
forever a night to be alone that night is not meant for you
and as curtains fall realizes these words are for you



A harboring sense of inert desire, A fallen quest of lust and loss

Unto a shadow of what use to be,

 crippled by societies monetary means

Seeing only the false grandeur of forged pleasure,

and hearing only what is null.

Only higher means can change this man

Something to look unto other than one’s self

It matters not the fact but the love of such

That god can do so much.  

your hand amour

What is that which beats thy heart,

Is it that which phases the moon,

Thy love is a over flowing cup to imbibe.

So why are the waves reaching unto land

Are they as well wishing to hold your hand,

Thy passion is a feast yet fasting has taken this man.

The mountains rise unto land reaching for the sky

Leaving their shallow home they become something more.

And with all creation a cry unto the unknown;  

yet beauty harbors within tears and my love does not fear,

the chalice shall I drink the feast I shall eat

I as well will be glad and as the waves, may it be in vain, I will reach for your hand.

at first sight

What bright has been laid before my eyes?

A beauty of raw, an emotion of intense

A sight of creation, a delight of life

A seamless thought, a rule of notion  

Bask in the light, feed on the divine

Fat I became so easily on such scene

Please thy love, never go away

Will you not stay, lay with me my amour

Pray my love, never stray from thy gate

Won’t you lay with me as my heart agapes?