What the dawn is to night is what death is to life,

Who is to say we go unto not instead of go into what, if life is but nothingness unto nothingness than life for man would instinctual instead of free and riddled with beauty? although there may be loss but that is just what life must have; creation to our day into evening thus unto death, our springs come to summers than beautiful falls than we shall rest in the winter, is it naive to say spring does not come again for our presence that is our self.

Although it may be naive for I to believe that the animals live anew in another, that a dog from my child hood is now running Scottish greens, do they have collective thoughts and memories, or do they die and never yet to see another day. It would seem illogically possible that a dyeing cat will hunt again and that a pet of one may live in the wild as they once have been.        

being is the rock

Who or what am I if not a soul of tragedy

Yet can not tragedy love and live in peace

Some of the greatest love songs are those of loss

To know great pain one most know great love

To know great sorrow one most know great joy

And as the fading rock within the stream

My being shall go on again, and my love shall never die.

ethics, faith, and knowledge relativity

One’s own actions should justify themselves the doer

The doer should not justify his actions.

An ethic is how one chooses to act when chose is laid before him

A moral is a belief that is lived by and breeds ethics.

Words much as ideas are relative if not practiced with selfless action,

Either enlightenment or righteousness being peace or contentment-

Cannot be achieved when one materializes metaphysical concepts such as

Love or that of peace which is only found within and should not expect others to abide.

The concept of god has been laid false for the sole reason that people materialize god

Materialization of any great concept will not succeed, when one materializes the love of their spouse

The marriage is headed for ruins much as any relations.

The materialization that has come about has led to doubt and blind cynicism of life itself.

This form of thought is led by arrogance and a love of knowledge, yet knowledge being-

Powerful can corrupt one’s mind.

The matter being intelligent is to do so in spite of knowledge, therefore the act of knowing-

Large amounts of knowledge hinders one’s mind from being in a intellectual state of mind.

Said state of mind relies on one’s mind to cope with possibility of two opposing ideas being Equally right, as well as ineffectual knowledge that does not benefit one’s life other then the vain accusation of knowledge is useless and can render one useless in an intellectual means.  

Faith is the reasoning to act upon metaphysics, to act out of love for any one would rely on faith, as well tolive by any code of conduct or any means that involve ethics or moral, especially when one is relying on

others, for the most part faith is to live beyond one’s own standards and to act upon moral and ethical belief.  Children without knowing live by high sense of faith molding them to who they may become, with a more developed mind they opt to act for themselves and when one lives unto themselves they cancel out faith, so faith requires selflessness as well do most belief systems  thus one who lives for himself can not understand god or the matters of faith and ethics, nor the matter of knowledge relativity. although one choosing not to believe in god is personal choice, one choosing not to believe in others believing in god is selfish action and of unjust character.

twilight rhyme

To know not honor is to know not life

To know not love is to know death by your side,

Even darkness can live in the calmest of tides.

To kill for hate is human

To kill for love is the most evil degree,

Why the heart tears is not sorrow or fear

Yet it cries from the absence of care.

As the twilight glimmering on the far reaching skies;

I care not for tomorrow if I live or if I die,

I lived yesterday and today I only abide.

May peace forever be with me

Or at least until the end of this rhyme.    

Remember me

Remember me upon the hours; remember me within the rain showers

Upon the meadows and in the valleys, remember me when the leaves fall upon your step

When the sun kisses your cheek remember me.


When sorrow fills your lonely room, when the thunder claps outside your window pain

I have not gone away my dear, I will always be here.


Forget me not and I shall always hold you near, time knows neither second nor hour beyond this earth

Where I am you are there, and soon you shall see.

I love my dear.


morning light

The veil of morning light, darkness had come and gone by

Morning dew graces the meadows; pristinely it lays upon the earth

the sound of the stream is different, as does the wind through the elms

the goldfinches flirt throughout the leaves, the doe and fawns frolic amongst the green

it is such as this I began to love, a morning breaking and life emerging

what thee given me was the breaking light, the ending of the forsaken night

as I love I lie within the meadow green, a man I have become to be.

symphony of crickets

The pine’s creeping shadow upon the valley’s golden ground

The crow begins to eat yet soon flies unto a murder,

A fawn searches for shelter as yet another storm seems to near,

The crickets have gone silent and I the woodsman lay quite.

A journey through the mind leads him within;

There was a time where glory and lust led his carriage

Yet now he see it is the simple times and the humble mind

That gains the knowledge and wisdom of heavenly sights,

Yet who would listen to a woodsman who sits at night

And listens to the symphony of crickets and knows only what he knows.  

just of love

As a silent whisper my love, spoken not but felt so deep

What tempers fuel thy desire, what spark ignites thy longing

Heavenly quickening upon a shroud of tears, I for one do not fear

For that I know of good reckoning, and righteous notes I have led in speech  

A love’s ember waiting for its hearth, a heart’s words waiting for its prose

Passion that I love, a love unto you, be it from me to ever stray away from you   

casting shadows

casting shadows

I am but forged led upon the elder battle field; made for a purpose thus it was good, as all of men death shadows over me and I fear it not. Do I fear the sun for what heat must be done. The acceptance upheld for death shall be well, I mean not to be gloom or emotionally fray but with conviction of honor and when your life, however long, has been well. The hands upon the clock are your own; you move them at your own will, you move with time until that itself goes still.

land of tesh

In the land Tesh the dove has fallen;

his ways where tainted by the few then the more,

the valley of Jose’ was mined,

the mountains of Davin cored.   

the people turned into self love;

 tree’s burned for the industrial means,

When the Uhr river was raked than poisoned

The villages sickened; thus came the Engs:

First they slaughtered the cattle, ran the highways

And crippled the young, the Cannibals from the hills

plunged the towns and never went still.

And man was silent to this ill they cried not;

 they were halted by their sin.

And then the empire of the great city Uron laid still

 when all of man had died the dove had returned

the evils had dried had blew away with the wind,

And within the talons laid the seed of man.