eternal friend

There are no words when the deeds are done

An escalating tide unto the river’s bank,

An end for all seasons as it was for you and me,

Did I take what was not mine

Give was what not to be given.

Cursing of dawn inviting the night;

Here comes the rain sunlight is far out of sight,

Hot summers day no breeze to cool no water to cure,

At the end of what is and will never be

Is the answer we were so afraid to see.

I love thee and you love me not

For that is how it ends,

Goodnight my eternal friend.


lament of laughter

I laugh to keep the tears behind;

My eyes deserve not to moisten,  

Nor my lips need to sigh,

I regret nothing when the end comes

Inevitability is what the moments have become.

I fear neither death nor pain,

yet living alone strips the means of that I know,

pray for me the saints that there might be

the only one I know is thy mother that raised me from a boy.

 Let weep and then I must rest

yet my time is not here as of yet

and the angels within my thoughts whisper:

let it be you are made who you where meant to be

your thoughts your actions yours deeds

shaped you into the man you see

this shall pass and unto glory you shall rest.

the lonely to bare

A Botticelli beauty a temptress in disguise,

A Siren with a song a Layla within a sleep;

Cheeks are full and lips so alluring

Body is like a delicate ripe peach within season

So full and soft and a desirable taste.

A charming enthrall of which I dare not think away

From thy thoughts of thee, oh my everlasting love

Unrequited desire a fire in the dessert deep

Burning what was never there nor do I care.

Passion love loneliness of a few

understanding another man’s plight

is not for you to think or care

it is only for the lonely to bare.  

a kiss as thee

what love upon the lips of a lover

that was not spoken within a quiver,

a gentle cascade of stimulus rush’s through my body

as the mist is upon thy face in a joyous kiss,

to call it name would be futile,

what is it called when an infant breaches and the world becomes him

for that is how I feel.

Gentle breeze upon thy back in blistering sun   

A gift to the dearth, an awakening to the dead

That is how your kiss reminds of who I am.

of lust and beauty

What woman that does breath

does not breathe beauty within her eyes

it is not for I to say if she is lovely

it is only for I to say she is for me.

How I see a Monet is not how I hear a Mozart

And how I want thee is not how I need thee.

Lust is a trickle lost within time

Yet love is the sweeping falls that cascades all emotions,

Beauty is how I need thee lust how I want thee.

Beauty is the paint and strokes of the brush,

And lust can be a muse That is often left behind for the work of art

that has become thy desire and thy love.   

Love you dearly

Ever cascading love as seasons go by

Delightful bliss and splendid tryst,

How l needed thee how I love thee

Given love you not let ashamed

Given hope I have not let astray,

Give thee thy hand I shall never let go

I shall love you stronger than the core of my bean

Thy modus operandi shall be:

To never stray, too long to kiss only you,

longing to hold you when each day is through,

To honor and never once forsake thy truths.

How I love you; you shall never notice,

Love you dearly, the man you will never see.