living dream

The waves kiss the shore

The moon beans caress the sleeping fields

The stars intercourse their way in the sky

As I sleep I dream and as I dream

I share my love to thee.


lasting adore as of the endless sky

the gentle stroke of my hand

Shall be there until the end

An endless adoration Giving unto excitation  

Time and time again.


But I shall wake and wait for thee

Within the heart beats of time

Or what lies behind the veils of life

I shall find thee and love only unto thee

Or live only within thy dreams.


therefore I become

My heart is ever founder away from thee

Thy absence has proven I need thee

I sin to know your grace

I cannot remember greatness in my life

Yet in my heart my passion is a crest

I feel little within, yet I do not feel without.


A summer’s day dream to last forever

A fallen snow melted unto spring

You know me and thy wicked mind

Yet you bless thy heart and heal my own afflicted wounds

I shall never lose sight you

I think therefore I only believe

I act therefore I become

I die therefore I was

I die therefore I become.

love and evil

To do anything for a love is simple

And is fascination of lust

Yet to not do something, for that is love,

To hold back the hounds upon your enemy

For her simple request is what it is to be in love.

Taking the essence of life from another

 for a woman that wishes Is not a woman of worth,

 neither have I met a woman worth the taking of your own essence.

do not be fancy in petty delights of love

they harvest evil thus meant to use pure against you,

they are trite and null of man’s true worth.

I say to have mercy because of her is adoration

Yet to forgive another for her blessedness

is love of the most divine.

Women are the greatest creatures for good or evil

Leading one to righteousness

Or beckoning him to hell.

stoic reverence

Blackened cloak of the early dawning night

Fate’s hand upon thy life eclipsing the noon day sun unto night

What has come the moments gone by

Are they existing in this singular time

The clock stops where does the heart go.

If it not real than why must I cry and yearn to love

Am I not human above the animals,

Do I not ponder right and wrong and my conscience be real.

It is not for me to say there is no architect to thy soul

But rationally I cannot see there being none

Emotionally I say there is not;

Why the pain and suffrage of man why such evil,

Yet saying such is like blaming someone for my mistakes,

And to blame someone I see not being real is emotionally irrational.

As though it does not matter if I believe in such;

It does neither give nor shall it take from such a thing,

To be adamant in disbelief is maddening  

For if you do not believe the soil will bare move on from there.


Yet I believe pain is nothing, my suffering is null;

A stoic I might be yet you either accept the pain

Or deny it exists, so there for thy God has made me stoic,

A reverence to life and pain through such things I find content bliss,

Through such things I find wisdom and peace

So when I shall sleep my finally rest there shall be nothing left

Just thy vacant body which once housed the soulful rest.   


passing of the night

Sweet is the dew upon thy feet

And sweetest is the kiss upon thy lips

The mountain air is pure

As the first dawn’s morning air

And that is thy love that seeks with no prevail.


Harold that is the night sky

Speaking of time gone by

My love has it faltered

Have I failed to entice love upon you

Shall the morning arrive without thee by my side.


 Wind through the fields, the wheat moving sync-fully

My heart now cherishes thy hand

Grasped within a lovers embrace

The night had gone by and so had she

And a truer love had come upon me.


Love as a frozen sunset

An eternal linger within the sky

Your beauty is of a magnitude

I dare not multiply with envy.


Purity of white woven silk

Worth is of the deepest purple

A fuchsia field of flowers

And a crystal blue lake.


Bella Bonita I sing your praise

An honor it is to gaze

Upon the face of a thousand cherry blossoms

That which is the light that came to be.