war be it

Of all the fallen seas;

Death upon the hands,

The lands justify the soldiers of lambs.

Wrecked ships, bewildered men

Adversary’s are worth the cost

Foes come and go defeated by the poor.

The duke and kings in Armani suits   

Sit at home decided who should go,

They are not to be praised but queried why

The young must go, but in fact it is nature

Where there is sin and righteous men

War will find a way to begin.

World peace must have world slaves to one belief

We are free and must pay for that with the loss of innocence

Fallen are those that are good

 yet may it be tenfold who had done so unto them.

Peace lives within expect none to abide

your beliefs are relative to me yet your actions are everything

peace be with you, righteous actions be your guide until it is time

until the end of amen.

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