do not worry about dying when you feel bad it is when you feel the utmost good and enlightened when you shall pass and you will not contain a worry within your whole.


unliving love

What matter is time If it is spent alone,

What torture is worse than silence of love.

What knowledge is great if not that wisdom of your love,

What prose is epic if not the words I love you within my ear.

For I am alone, yet I yearn and plead to God

Yet he silent about thy sulking soul, the pining heart

 shall I find your love upon thy path or wander ever lonely.  


upon thy crescent heart I wait to be filled

upon the boundless night I wait for dawn.

within eternity I would wait celibately;

for the silk of deepest purple: for that which is what you are worth,

for the soul is yours to condition

 my heart which only you could kill if you wish

and thus the end only if you desire

My Layla.

The Tide

You are beautiful and that of beauty

The simple definition and complex answer

That which is no word would explain the quantity.   

You seem to me to be clarified butter

The purest form only for the excellent creams

The simple thought of you leaves thy body stunned,

The mind numb and an enlightened sense through thy pores.

Purest beauty for that is what you are

The question: who is the fairest?

And the answer: it is she who knows not

that the moon stays its place for her

that the sun shines just to kiss her cheek,

may one day I kiss her cheek

forever my dearest,

-The Tide.

the sounds of silence

The worst torture would be that of silence

Stuck within your own mind only to go in

Deep within to the subconscious

 The single thing you created yet have little control over

Your defeats would play and they would be the worst of them

All the times you failed unto others

and the guilt laden selfish actions

and then it would start to role play of what could happen

although it never would but it seems so real

and day in and day out this would the functioning mind

this is also the mind of the mentally ill

be happy for what you have

and that you may never constantly here the sounds of silence



war be it

Of all the fallen seas;

Death upon the hands,

The lands justify the soldiers of lambs.

Wrecked ships, bewildered men

Adversary’s are worth the cost

Foes come and go defeated by the poor.

The duke and kings in Armani suits   

Sit at home decided who should go,

They are not to be praised but queried why

The young must go, but in fact it is nature

Where there is sin and righteous men

War will find a way to begin.

World peace must have world slaves to one belief

We are free and must pay for that with the loss of innocence

Fallen are those that are good

 yet may it be tenfold who had done so unto them.

Peace lives within expect none to abide

your beliefs are relative to me yet your actions are everything

peace be with you, righteous actions be your guide until it is time

until the end of amen.

one to another

The autumns eve and ever glow;

Sunbursts of leaves and early night,

The fog of the sea rolls through the small town,

The secrets each mantle in the houses holds.

A great man is so in spite of his sins

And an evil man is so in spite of his ken, 

The worst is he who is silent

the best are those that are past

and whose ethics have last thru the ages

from one to another as they pass:

and time has gone on from fall to winters pass.

lexicon of love

Endless kisses acted upon each day;

None entrusted unto me,

Fuchsia sunset as the clouds descend into night,

Fear upon loathing of loneliness

Yet I must complete my verse before joining another.

Fallen red upon the foothills like a desire of what is to come

What is to be has never been for if it has it is null  

And bears no word in thy lexicon of love.

The waves are as verses as the flow gentle as they go

As a prose that seamlessly grows into excitation,

What drop of water upon this earth has gone to waste?

Yet it was none as so that which is my love waiting for the one.

The statue of woe is fixed and cemented in

so moves not with you but reminds you

of what has been.