happiness to eternity

happiness to eternity 

I feel if you do for others more than you would do for yourself you’ll be content and even happy in loneliness; it is as though it is what you give that which feels you not vain trinkets or exciting food. If your mind and soul believe it’s wealth is in other’s happiness that you had gave unto from giving of yourself, not in a self serving manner either there are many who do good deeds yet truly they do them unto themselves. your inner most being must believe it has done it for others and not itself and that true immortality is what your ethics and actions teach and inspire into others thus they do the same and in this selfless teaching one’s spirit can live forever.


belief of God

Time and human existence is the description of a thought of God, such as humans may describe a thought in one word or a thousand words it is the same thought no matter the length of description. Furthermore the face of god meaning image or presence in a philosophical way may be seen as a lightning bolt meaning energy meaning movement not any movement but holly and righteous movement that is of true nature. true nature is that which does good unto good, righteous unto righteous. This is my thought as described of God in my belief as a Christian; it is my belief of his good and holiness it is my thought of his loving and giving ways to a man who has suffered in life and stills loves and is still content, no matter illness or thoughts, his actions or other’s unto him.     

a simple thought of good and evil

The most dangerous violence is not that of a gun but that of an intellect of person or nation saying which people are wrong and whom is right. Actions can be right and wrong, people cannot, actions may be good or evil and a person -not people- should be judged on his actions and watch his thoughts for they are seeds of actions and they may come to infest a nation.

there are those that do evil and those who enable.     

The lamentation of Adam

The lamentation of Adam

The bright sun upon thy face, glorious gardens upon thy feet

Am I not man am I not Adam, food is never baring and the animals always giving

Yet who do I have to love, am I not alone

Thy animals give unto each other, who do I give unto

Thy doe wakes with a buck, I wake alone

Thy dove flies with a mate in spring, yet thy heart never soars in any season

I do not contempt you thy creator thy god, yet I am alone was I meant to be

You show me all the animals, you must see that I lament for a love

Now lord I fill I must sleep, there is an ache in thy side oh lord let me not weep



the western sun

the western sun 

What love has not been slain that was pure yet without a name

What kindness is, is not to have reason yet to have means

Love for a thousand is less than love for one

Thy heart weeps and thy soul cries yet that is life

To not cry is not to know beauty, and to smile is too know strife

Thy dearest morning is my temptress that renews all

Thy setting sun is my tempest that sets upon all things

And when all goes dark and a new sun arises in the west I shall rest.


painter’s realm

A humbling moment, a destroying thought

The sun sets early, yet he has not weakened

The wolves scare him not, the darkness leads him not astray

The loss of hope is no restraint, the loss of love has no bearing upon him

He knows they are real, he knows he will feel them again

Broken steps, he crawls, broken sight, he feels his way through the night

Out of the woods, a lifetime journey

Yet it seems to be a barren, seems to be nothing

The sun rises with color, it rises with hope and love

He is lifted from the sorrow, he has carried on through all demise

He is lifted unto the amber morning sky, he is lifted unto the other side

Lifted from the canvas, unto the painter’s realm