everyone is a grain of sand although many see themselves as the ocean.


love is or is not

 Love does not die

Love may not be enough

Love is the easiest conjured emotion in the mind

Love is more than its self

Love is weak when the heart is weak

Love is strong when the believer is strong

Love does not die yet it lingers on or turns into a dark and foul emotion that bears no name.



A man; a young man troubled with illness as they would say ,but he seemed so enlightened that no one would say. He troubled with few sins; but he knew the great trouble they could cause, he believed in a God yet he thought beyond the letter of his teaching unto higher thought he believed.

As he would meditate he came to realize what and who god is, and he started to see a universe in his own mind being created and he would go there in a white room but a part of it all and balance and harmony reigned.

In his modest life he saw amazing things; yet he was humbled to his modesty and meekness, and soon he realized his own death was to come but he did not lax, he would continued to live by his actions and one day he past and those close cried and he was buried in his request unnamed upon his tomb.

 And on the seventh day he rested an Alpha.   

Emotional VS rational a comical poem

Emotional VS rational a comical poem
I pray for an end, that there will be no more
I am weigh by loneliness, yet I believe it is better
I ponder the universe, I find it simple
I ponder you, I find it heavy and taxing
Love won’t die no matter, it seems to be like brambles
I try to get on in thought, but the slightest thing brings me back
I think should I contact, then I check the temperature in hell

meditations of life

-intelligence is worthless if you become ignorant to wisdom

intelligence is only the outer shell of man and wisdom is what will make him whole

if there is nothing within he will enrich the outer, but never will it suit

-the difficulty of being a good man is that there is no place in the world for a good man, but a good man’s place is not in the world

-i have reason to complain but the audacity not to give in

-first step to success is confidence, second is tenacity followed by mistakes then completion; must go through all steps to get there

-you ever feel like you’re having déjà vu

-Do not confuse my meekness for weakness, a lot of men did and a lot of men died

-even the faintest concepts of God cannot survive when we materialize things like love, enlightenment, or peace.

-your opinion is like a penny in a urinal no one with two cents wants it

-first it is made then roughly sanded and threw time stains are applied, how much care and preparation and the stains that fall will make the man as well as a fine word craft.

-Men who show there evil are weak and cowardly trying to impose fear, but the man who shows not evil or rage is the man you must treat with vigilance and care

-the person who does not want is the person who has everything

-To be found one must be lost

-you ever feel like you’re having déjà vu

-if you ever feel like being alone go to the non-fiction section of your public library

-don’t mock my conviction and I will not mock your ignorance

Knowledge is created, wisdom is found

You cannot learn ethics you earn ethics

Of mind and health

Of mind and health


What is it like?


What is the dear sister?


Your mental illness


It is like looking at rainbow with sun glasses on, and other times it is like looking at a much brighter rainbow with magnifiers.


Does it bother you my Brother?


sometimes; but I remember the beauty is always there, and sometimes there is a nonentity  telling you it’s not, but you hold on and soon you are looking at a beautiful rainbow which few will ever see.


I see it too, I love you.


And I you.