Love conjured

Love conjured

I say love is the easiest conjured up emotion in the human mind

I say this without ever loving without hurting, or trusting without doubt

I might be a cynic; I might be a witness, but I believe in love

 where sacrifice and trust are elements that hold every emotion together to create love

jealousy- even such an emotion can play a part in love to want something is an element of it

joy- how they make you feel

anxious- what is felt going to meet them, first date or the alter

 despair- to know this is to know why they are so important

fear- to love someone is to fear loneliness to fear there loneliness, and to love for the fear of the end.

Hope- what they have given you

It’s odd but hate is the opposite of love, yet contain all these except hope, hope is what moves all other emotions  and if they where to stand still they would become like stagnate water.

The wise man and God

The wise man and God

The wise man had grown old and served many; his love for others was great, for himself it was diminished and he had meditated on a hill for ever morning of his life and on a day of despair the Almighty had come upon him; thus follows:


Lord why have I lived for others and alone: they laugh and sing with other and are intimate, they have a normal way that I seem to desire.


They have the impact of a pebble in a pond; the many that live for themselves do not see the order and have a peace, they overwhelm themselves with glories yet they overwhelm others with turmoil.

Those that live for others have an impact of a bolder in a pond changing many things; there are those that do evil unto others and those that do great for all others.


Then god why have you let evil reign in your creation: the pain that many live in, why are you creator of the bad as well as good.


I have  not created the evil; I created a child and gave unto him knowledge of good and discernment, what he had done was up to him. If a man was to be hung for evil deeds would I ask his father why he had gave birth your question is illogical and somewhat vain, which I did not intend for my children.


Will I ever have peace; will peace reign on earth and all live as one.


I have given wisdom thru many men and prophets, yet none understand why I must repeat myself.

Now I ask you, are you a wise man for vanity; only to be praised in your deeds or do you honor your mother and father and creator in your actions?


I fear I do not know I fear that I live for myself and I try to overcome that with more good, which that only leads to question if thy actions are to glorify myself worth or those who I owe all things.


You are good my son for you question: to say yes would prove that you are vain or self demoralizing which is only pride, or to say you are not doing those things in self grandeur would be confident to an arrogant degree, your soul and spirit are for me to truly know and when we meet again I shall reveal yourself for what you have been.

And the Almighty left.



of the lone and lonely

Yet thy loneliness condemns my sprit from time to time

I grow from the ravaging word as long as my spirit is fed

I feel not connected to people but to the whole

I feel at home in the universe; which that I believe is God’s intellect

If I was to fall from grace the evil would shadow any good in darkness

So I feed the good and the evil in me that is in any man is restrained

And I keep my head upon the good and I live by my actions

Which illuminates who I am inside.

Emotional Movement vs. Stagnant

 Movement vs. stagnant

The movement of the universe is the one thing that keeps all things alive; it is movement begetting movement, when you take water and stop its movement it become stagnant and vile. This could be true for the emotions that we are gifted, love is like that water in a stream; but when the water is halted and stills the water becomes bad, it grows parasites although life emerges from the water but it is not the life of humaneness. Hate is anti movement it knows one thing to collect other vile, much like parasites it will only destroy and grows best like a body of water in darkness. The removing of water from movement to still would be one’s own conditioning and thus when jealous thoughts are not allowed to move on the water stops and collects, the greater size of water will be a greater evil to come from it. one must move from day to day they must progress in mind and humility and the wisdom of age shall bless them until that stream joins the collective.   


how a life may be lead in peace

Death does not make fear unto the righteous, life frighten those who are unsure of their steps

Fear neither tomorrow or yesterday,  fear not the hours that seem to lead to darkness

Time is not matter yet a perception, time holds no account nor does it multiply

Your thoughts and words are in vain, only your action shall tell of your worth and they shall be judged

If one does not make no mention of your good deeds, than life shall smile unto their path

If you give to the poor and boast, than all shall seem dark

To be humble and to love for others is greater than to love for one self, to always let thy actions justify you and to never justify your actions

Is how a life may be lead in peace

Victoria springs

Victoria springs

To the one who loved me who made me whole, walked away and only seemed to want more than give

You are a flower that blooms in the spring, I am one that grows in the autumn

I could never stop loving you or thinking about the only one I cared for

But I shall be wise and leave the feelings aside, bury the emotion that only leads astray

I am a man who must understand all things, or deny the validity of such

You are neither a mantel clock for me to fix, nor are you a poem for me to understand

You are the one that set fire to my world, and out of the ashes I was truly born

I wish only that you will understand, that sorrow becomes joy once you have let all things be.

house from ashes,

For here I stand until the end, if I am wrong I regret nothing

I have not wasted an hour or second, if I falter it is my doing not my mothers or him whom I praise

My sins are mine not thy brothers, and my sisters are not mine

To live not for materials or ideas, not for peace or knowledge

to live for honor and good work, to live by example and praise unto others

Joyous in sorrow, content in victory

Obedient in trials humble in failures, and forgiving in other transgressions  

And when I sleep I expect not another day, but when I rise I expect to do just

To live in honor and not in vain is that of a man who built his house from ashes,