no. 308

What life would have been, if I just let you in

What would have I become, if my journey was not led from the one

If I was there and not here, would these tears bear upon my face

Better for both or just me, if we now embraced as one

When I see you it calms my mind, but you are absence in the moon light

That’s when they get me, the thoughts of haunting possibilities

jest of the ward

These four white walls are closing in, no one says its these grim

Silent and calm even melancholy, nothing like the frantic songs

People joke about going to the bin, but they don’t know what it’s like when silent halls sink in

Gazing out a window becomes a hobby, more so when no one for you is in the lobby

Now I have to go and get my decafe and get my sit, for the church lets out soon across the street

meditations of life

i feel if you do for others more than you would do for yourself you’ll be content and even happy in loneliness.

 I believe than beauty is the perception of one’s own heart unto the world.

If a man himself was not callused he would have become broken, yet he still feels.

Love is humility, patience, and enormous amount of faith in someone; faith that your feelings are excepted, and they too feel for you. Can never know another’s feelings or thought and words are so relative.

 The human soul is much our personality and gained persona and it to is living creature identical only to one person; what it becomes is the greatest mystery of all, again faith plays a role.

    A man who seldom gives compliments, is a man who gives the most sincere compliments

   Our actions are seeds and what shall reap may be our demise.

a thought of ethics

a society cannot operate without a since of ethics and conviction and when the people hold there opinions as fact and right of dominance we will fall by the way side, when hard work is passed by and vanity is soaked in like sun rays the people will be easier to control all the while thinking that they are independent destruction comes not from doing wrong but not doing anything.

Our actions are seeds and what shall reap may be our demise.