The final thought

The final thought

Memories of what was and what will never be

Crimson tides upon the sea reflect upon the moon

A great man upon his thrown ruling a world of his own

Speak not of your mind but of the soul no one will ever know

Castle on the cliffs that degrade day by day

Insanity speaks but knows not her name

Cry unto the sun for it will never come

And the final thoughts that plague the mind

Are the ones that you could never hide. 


One is not enough.

One is not enough.

Upon what hell was I casted, I walk the silent streets between morning and night no peaceful sleep can be found; I dreamed every night of my life and there now gone like the love I thought of my life, now the only ones I have are of my Eleanor. I tried to show what a good man can be she found a better use for me I was but a tool for her an accessory to be, once she was fond of me but when she heard the crutch that I use she lost interest and learned to abuse of what I was.

 learned to love but now its memories that cast anxiety in my brain, love must truly be the most psychosis inducing agent pasted threw out the ages.


I once was happy and felt the joy of summer

I was once was content with fates methodical turn

I closed my palm to contain the bliss

and in my darkest hours and times of solitude

I open thy palm as a lantern to shine my time

Where is there

Where is there


Mirror show me who I really am I walk this land lost and forgotten;

 friends have gone and lovers never return.

I’m torn inside not knowing where I have been

 going here and never finding there.


Clock that tics away the minutes of the day

Tell me when my time is for you tic and you tock

And the seconds minutes and hours are forever lost

I remember the time when I was there

But now can’t find that time anywhere


Oh portrait that hangs in the hall

Showing me beauty I have never really seen

Trees and a river with perfect light that shines on it

A small meadow green and clouds floating above

I put my hand thru the frame and change it does to an ugly place

And I am pulled thru and I am in there.