sitting upon eternity chances that are lost haunt me inside but what is worse are the chances going by and my hands still by my side not reaching to the possibilities that fly carelessly by, so there I am just sitting upon eternity with creation by my side


meditations of vary

meditations of vary

To question your action or thought it is the consciences way of say your ethical beliefs are in jeopardy, your action should justify oneself not oneself justify their actions.  

The more ego a person has or places more worth on him/herself than others; than that person is less likely to truly know anything.

If god had a being it would be movement; a shape- circle (infinite) upon a triangle (perfect), a gift- sacrifice and wisdom, if he had and intellect it would be the universe; ever expanding and of all things, and if God had a voice it would be of the humbled.

Societies will not survive when people hold themselves as hierarchies and those in power can justify all their actions with silence and show their disapproval of other sides with anger.

Nothing is infinite and infinity is nothingness, death is infinite and our souls are nothing (physically speaking).

Put other’s first and you will see truly who they are.

Life is the incubator of the soul and death the time of harvest.

I am not sure in the existents of God that is most likely why I believe, as the Tao once said”to know nothing one can know everything”.


How could I be surrounded by so many and yet be so lonely

I walk the clouds and look below I try to touch but no one comes close

When the rain falls so do I it’s all around but I am dry

I see all the stars in the morning sky why must I feel only I am alive

The shattered stained glass from the mountain on high

covers the ground but I walk on by am I alive or have I died

too not to care and not to strive

is reason behind my self-imposed lonely demise

love to an end

whispering wind through the willow trees, flowing rivers and gentle waves upon the sea,

are the emotions in my mind when I think of thee; 

Waving wheat through the fields, clear indigo skies and the cooling wind on a hot summer’s night,

cools thy temper when I cannot abide;

Stars upon the sky disappearing in the dawn’s light, the new dew sits on the blades of grass under my feet,

new beginnings or just an end I believe they are the same   

the roses

The fears reside, emptiness inside descends to the feelings of a new kind

The notions of what is, could be, and will be tangle like roses upon a great wall.

They are what all men could feel but less ever will, for the blindness of their own mind

For they were pruned to often or not enough, they were over feed or feed to little

And they may never know what truly is great and how precious even light is when all we have known is

   blind darkness

the river flows

The river flows throughout the rocks as it goes

Beauty it is but little by little the rocks fade

Daunting life takes its toll but the beauty of it all is the worth,

And as time goes by deeper we transpire

Until we collectively join and go through it all again



308 is where I lay high upon the peak, in a cave is where I stay

 away from the world that once was upon my shoulders and imprisonment was mind

Below I see the people walk by hand in hand as they stride

as I look to my left a peak of lushes green with mourning fog

 I’m sure the due is nice these April morn

how I would like to walk bare foot upon the meadow green

but I must stay in the shackles of my mind

 until I find the strength to break free one more time.